Elemental and Chakra Technique Trainers

This training is for those who would like to take their practice to a new level and go deeper into the exploration of energetic work and embodiment. Contact your chosen trainer from the email below their biography.


Radha Krishna (Elemental)

Eastern Time Zone

I’ve been with Sat Shree for seven years and have not welcomed his shift of focus from the mind to the body. I reluctantly played along, but my mind kept insisting the Elementals training was nonsense, just a bunch of sounds with no meaning. But after learning the Elementals from Janaka and then having the honor of teaching with him in groups and then with private students, my mind finally had to admit the truth: my body is alive—and happy. So if you are a skeptical, non-believer, I get it. Let’s start there and just see what happens.


Durga Ma (Elemental/Chakra)

Pacific Time Zone

I have been with Sat Shree since 2012. Over that time, I have found his teaching to be a supportive and deepening process for my spiritual journey. I have found the learning and teaching of the Elementals and Chakra techniques to allow a further deepening into my being; opening my system to the Universal forces. I feel it is part of my calling to assist others in learning these powerful techniques; opening and aligning our systems, and bringing us into greater awareness to the Divine forces that live us.


Satartha (Elemental/Chakra)

Pacific Time Zone

Both the elemental and chakra techniques have had a profound effect on aligning my system and clearing the channels within my body.  It has been my pleasure to work with the core group as we endeavored to bring forward Sat Shree’s vision of the various techniques that are presented on this site.

Sat Shree speaks of these techniques as an applied science, powerful mantras to align our body with the vibration of the universe, becoming a greater collaborator with the transformational process that the Divine is already trying to bring into our body. It is a joy and a privilege to introduce and guide you into these techniques.


Christa (Elemental/Chakra)

Pacific Time Zone

My first major awakening in 1986 was activated by chanting the primal sound of creation OM. My life path since then has revolved around teaching sacred sound/mantra, embodied singing and therapeutic voice work. I began studying with Sat Shree in 2016 and am delighted and honored to serve his vision of making his lineage of yogic techniques available to the community. The Element and Chakra practices have profoundly supported the purification and awakening of my system increasing my capacity as a grounded channel of the Mother Force. My intention as a trainer is to assist you in preparing your body system to sing the Song of your Divinity.



Janaka (Elemental/Chakra)

Central European Time

20 years after my first awakening, I met Sat Shree and have been practicing and teaching the elemental and chakra techniques since 2017. Due to the practices my physical body is more aligned with the Divine. They have also helped to balance and clear my system over and over again.  I have taught numerous students the different techniques and have seen the benefits created through their practice.

Sat Shree asked me last year to create the yogic training program, and together with the team, we co-created this program.
I am honored to serve the Divine by guiding you to learn these techniques.



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