World Mother Initiative

The World Mother Initiative is a project inspired by the need to re-establish the balance between the masculine and feminine energies on an individual and planetary level. This healing will come through the restoration of the split between the sacred feminine and sacred masculine energies in both the personal and collective spheres for all human beings. For so long the feminine power has been forgotten, shamed, and hidden away, the time has come to bring forth the divine feminine and allow Her to be fully seen and embodied. The World Mother Initiative was created to assist in this transitional process of bringing forth the divine feminine and re-integrating her to be celebrated and honored within the heart of humanity and as a healing force on this planet.

The World Mother Initiative offers spaces to connect, heal and restore the divine feminine through a variety of programs, workshops, circle gatherings, and support groups. Some of the offerings are only open to women (inclusion piece?) while other programs are open to everyone, they are all created to support the awakening of the Divine Feminine in all bodies.

The World Mother is an emerging resource for all of humanity. Her Light, Grace, and Power is now here, but women are her greatest resource. New Dharma is now working vigorously to empower women to recognize this new possibility and to make it real, in order to restore the balance and bring a new sustainable future for humanity and all living beings.


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