Global Training Program

Now is the time for those of you who are called to play a part in this Work.

There is no Mightier Purpose. 

GTP-Phase 3: Mastery

October 8-November 12, 2021



  • Completion of GTP-Phase 1 and GTP-Phase 2  
  • Approval by Sat Shree
  • Full commitment to the entire 5-week program – please see calendars for Pacific Time and Europe Time.


Satya Dharma Residential GTP-Phase 3: $1,650 per person 

Includes GTP-3 and 5 week lodging at Satya Dharma Center

Spaces available: 12

Everyone applying for the in-person program is required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19

Remote online program: $975 per person

Spaces available: 23

Scholarships available: complete GTP-3 application below/scholarship section

Application and Approval Dates

  • Application due by September 5 
  • Request for scholarship: submit GTP-3 application by September 1
  • Acceptance into the program will be communicated by September 20
  • Payment due September 30 (payment options available)

Note: applications will be reviewed and approved by Sat Shree. Acceptance will be communicated by September 20. 

Our Purpose Together

The Global Training Program (GTP) began in India in 2019 as a manifestation of Sat Shree’s vision to support and empower those studying with him to embody more deeply his teachings through an alive and practical experience of transformation. Since then, the GTP keeps growing and evolving to meet the needs of this time.   

The GTP is not a formal teacher certification program. Rather, it is a program designed to provide you with an opportunity to commit to and immerse yourself in an acceleration of your own spiritual development and in this way play your part in establishing the new consciousness, the new humanity, the new dharma.   

By participating in the GTP, you will be called to manifest a higher purpose in practical ways, live a more authentic life, increase your capacity to become a channel and instrument for divine love and truth in the world, support other spiritual seekers, and assist New Dharma in manifesting its mission.

Three GTP Phases

The GTP is designed in three phases, each focusing on different aspects of the teachings and leading one toward greater manifestation, according to each person’s capacity and life purpose. Each phase is the foundation and a prerequisite for the next phase.

GTP-Phase 1: Fundamentals

The next GTP-Phase 1 is tentatively planned for fall of 2022

GTP-Phase 2: Manifestation

The next GTP-Phase 2 is tentatively planned for early 2023

GTP-Phase 3: Mastery

October 8 – November 12, 2021

Spaces available: 35 (enrollment will be limited for the GTP-Phase 3)


GTP-Phase 3: Mastery


In this phase we will explore the principles that are the fundamentals of manifestation and their relationship to the essential six core capacities of Sat Shree’s teachings. The principles (i.e. time, space, duality, causality, action, and the body) are the scaffolding that “holds” the happening of Creation as it establishes itself. Understanding and mastering these principles and six core capacities, and realizing how they shape us and this world, gives us the ability to recognize the nature of the field we encounter as we seek to manifest the Original Intent of Creation and fulfill the purpose of our birth, our dharma.

Mastery occurs through doing. It is through the field of action that mastery becomes possible. When we take actions aligned with the evolutionary purpose, the Original Intent, everything that happens along the way will serve in strengthening the collaboration between our individuality and the Divine, between the human and the Spirit within us. In that, we become expressions of the new possibility for humanity. We become Divine Humans living on this planet.

The GTP-3 is designed to provide participants opportunities and situations to take actions aligned with the evolutionary intent, creating pathways within oneself to manifest greater truth, wisdom, and love, not only for ourselves but for the World Mother. 


Participants will: 

  • Be invited to co-create and co-facilitate sessions and/or programs during the GTP-3
  • Participate and facilitate small groups and/or breakout inquiry groups 
  • Continue exploring and practicing mentoring skills with peers
  • Practice the elemental techniques in group settings
  • Receive reflections to support expanding each one’s capacity to: hold space, facilitate, meet parts of yourself that are unconscious, support other spiritual aspirants
  • Develop your ability for self-reflection 

Contact information:

For questions and information on the program email Satyapriya at

“This entire Creation is endlessly new, endlessly being created. This process is driven by one principle, the Original Intent, a vast will to be, to know, to learn, and to ultimately to wake up. Human beings are the means for the Original Intent to manifest. When we find this in ourselves and align with its purpose, we become the instrument and the means for its manifestation in Creation. We discover capacities that we never imagined were possible as we learn to live, and act aligned with this purpose. But to fully come down into the grounded reality of this physical world we must recognize the fundamental principles that create the context for what is needed to manifest and make it real. Only in the reentry of the field of action can we make real the purpose of our awakening and manifest the Original Intent.”
~Sat Shree 


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