“The world isn’t just an object in space, the world is actually a living being, and it’s in fact, conscious through each of us and in each of us.”

All my dear ones. I just see so many of you who live in my heart, it is such a blessing to be here with you. Thank you for joining me and Satyamayi for this leap into this New Year. Namaste.

So what is this leap? What are we doing? Why are we here? Why is the world in so much turmoil? Why does it look like so much good is being attacked or dismantled?

It’s because a shift is being asked of us. All of us and each of us. To wake up to our responsibility for being here. To actually call up in ourselves a willingness to meet life now, here. In the full recognition that we have a role to play. 

For us awakened beings, as all of you are, to some extent or another, you’re coming here of your own volition or you’ve been dragged here. Either way, it’s taking you to what’s being asked of humanity.

What’s being asked of humanity, because we are the only ones who can respond to the cry of the world. See, the world isn’t just an object in space, the world is actually a living being, and it’s in fact, conscious through each of us and in each of us. We are the means by which the Mother can make this leap. For us, as us, with us.

So I give this context, to recognize it’s (that) all the little ruminations and miseries and worries and anxieties of our personal lives, are really not so important in the context of where we find ourselves. Historically, it’s been war. It’s been deprivation. It’s been violence that man did to man, humanity did to other parts of humanity. Disrespecting that essential sacredness that every human being carries. Destroying it, killing it, veiling it, burying it.

But we’re in another time. Humanity is no longer in charge of the lessons that are coming. It is, however, responsible for them. And us waking up to our responsibility means that we look to see what part we have played. What are we carrying that is perpetuating the error? Where (are) we claiming our own selfish considerations over that which is really greater than us?

We have lost the sense of what it is that “we matter”, and therefore, the role and the reason we were born. This is why you’re awake, this is why you’ve awakened. Because that quality in you that could awake is really the essence of all of life. This essence is actually a being. Not just the World Mother, the World Mother, also, She is just an expression of this being. We are, however, the only self-aware expressions of that being that could actually come forward and create a new paradigm, a new way of being for humanity that is actually being called for.

Get over ourselves. Take responsibility, whatever that role may be that’s showing up in your life at any one moment. And I assure you, it’ll show up as the current unworkability. We are the ones that make the unworkability unworkable. We make simply things happening, and we create them into the problems and the issues that we have not yet met.

This shifting that’s being offered to humanity is a new perspective, a new place to stand from as we look into the challenges and the problems that are arising both within ourselves, in those that we are in relationship with and in the world. Because they’re all here with each of us. There’s no other place you need to be than here with yourself with this perspective, this context that allows you to see that everything that is arising has a purpose. And that your job is to meet it, not feed it, not be fearful of it, not try to control it, (not) try to make it different. But to allow it to show itself, to speak what it has to say, to reveal its nature so it can be released.

See, the cumulative darkness, the cumulative avoidance, (the) cumulative denial, the cumulative resistance is now pervading everything, even your awakened consciousness. It’s veiling us, it is forcing into these little enclaves of separateness to protect ourselves, rather than call us up to the fullness of the opportunity of this life, this time, these times.

I am a spiritual teacher. I speak of the awakening; I speak of the stages of the journey. I empower you to find that understanding, that collaboration in your intelligence with the process of your own awakening and your own transformation, should you be so Graced by that. But my greater work is for humanity. So I bring that here too.

And as we gather here in this context that I hold, and that many of you now hold, to recognize you’re here for the world, not just for yourself. But also to include the human in this challenge, to strengthen its ability to endure what will be coming. To hold the space for humanity’s transition. To be the one, like the mother or the father, that holds the child of the developing humanity, as it goes through this rebellion and this resistance and this denial of anything to limit it, in fact, heading towards its own self-indulgent destruction. It needs to grow up, and we are the ones that can hold the space for this vast immaturity that has not been recognized or taken responsibility for.

“We’re going to put this to work in this gathering. We’re going to take us into a place of being able to tap into that eternal presence, and from that, to open up to use our bodies as channels for that principle to come into the world.”

We need to be the grown-ups, to hold this transition and hold in the steadiness of your own realization, that it all has a purpose. It’s all pointing to something that has not yet emerged, that’s struggling to emerge. And yes, it will be all that has been denied, resisted, suppressed, buried. It’ll also be what comes when that is met.

We’re on the cusp of a transition from an embedded darkness that humanity has been accumulating for thousands and thousands of years, into a period of extraordinary enlightenment.

And what is it going to be enlightening? It’ll be enlightening the possibility of humanity together, for all who have yet to come in the thousands and thousands of generations that have yet to be born.

So this is the context. And I too am just a person. And I am speaking these words.

How is it possible? Where does this come from? It’s not the person so much as that which I am with, that which now finds its voice. And this is the possibility I see in everyone who comes to me. To be the voice, to be the person of that Supreme Being that is here holding, throughout ages far far beyond our ability to comprehend. Before humanity came into birth, before this cycle of humanity, over its two hundred thousand years, has evolved. This is the holding of an intelligence that is purposeful, and is so vast and so eternal that we can’t imagine it, even from our most open awakened minds, the fullness.

So that holds. It’s what holds it all. It’s what sustains it all. That lives within us. When we attune ourselves to that possibility within ourselves, within our bodies, within our hearts, within our minds, within our intelligence, then we begin to be inhabited and to inhabit a new humanity.

It’s a space, it’s a possibility. It’s a space that itself is not the possibility, but rather creates the possibility. It holds the potentiality of all of existence that has happened, that is happening and that is yet to happen. It’s experienced as a vast, still presence. It’s experienced as an emptiness, but also a freedom (from) fear or need or want or judgement of any of it. It is in that space that we live. Even in the physical world, this world floats in that space of unlimited numbers of worlds. That space, that infinite vast potentiality lives within us, not just outside. Our ability to recognize what we are in that eternal presence is the outcome of all our seeking in all our lives, and for that which is here with you now. 

We’re going to put this to work in this gathering. We’re going to take us into a place of being able to tap into that eternal presence, and from that, to open up to use our bodies as channels for that principle to come into the world. Some of you have been experiencing this happening in all the times we’ve done the World Peace Meditations, and when we’ve done these interventions. But many of you open that, just by participating. Maybe, at first, it’s just like a possibility, or just a faint sensation, maybe even disruptive. But in time, it becomes a current. The current is evidence that we can actually participate with a universal movement, an evolutionary shifting that is occurring with great intensity in these times. 

The whole world is awake. The fact that I can sit in this little place in Washoe Valley in this lovely building is evidence that we’re in relationship with each other in ways that were unheard of in any other time of human history. In that sense, we are awake.

In that sense, we can see the Peril. And in that sense, together, we can see the purpose that lies inherent in the per … perilousness of what’s coming. And it happens on many levels, not just this level that we’ll be participating in today, in our psychic beings, and in our higher selves, our universal being. It’ll happen throughout the world, because this will be like a doorway for humanity that is looking for a way of this passage through this time of transition. 

It’s crying out for “how do we do this?” Because there’s nothing in the past that can tell us what will work. All it can do is tell us where we could do it wrong, as we’ve done so many times before.  Perpetuating, putting off, to another generation, another generation, never coming to the full consequence of choices made out of ignorance, out of hatred, out of cruelty, out of deep profound selfishness or separation.

We’re now acutely aware of these things. In whatever area of our lives where we feel there’s injustice or where we feel that it’s wrong, where we feel it should be different, we have our own version of that in our own personal self. Our own repulsions, our own selfishness, our own saying “I refuse”, “I don’t want to”, “I can’t do this.” Probably the greatest impediment that keeps us hidden is our depression, our negative self-judgement, our unwitting shame that we have taken on or added to in the course of our lives. We keep ourselves small for fear of being more, and to wake up. Because the little ego doesn’t know how to do this.

And I assure you, the Supreme Being knows it. That’s why when we open to it, in whatever form, in Christ, in Buddha. In whatever form it’s come throughout the ages, it has empowered and strengthened us little weak humans to come into life more truly, more fully. Even with the false promise of heaven, you know, versus … or avoiding hell, at best. It still empowers us to know there’s something more, there’s something greater.

Now, I know this because I’ve experienced it. I had no idea it existed. I was a perfectly happy agnostic. I didn’t need it to be an afterlife. Either way I was fine. I did not know of this. Yet, for some reason, all of this, all of this was physically experientially shown to me, endlessly, over years and years and years. So I speak from that vantage point of once having been a fully developed human being, and discovering this possibility as a divine being. I am just as skeptical of these words that come out of my mouth as some of you may be. It’s like, a wonder. What is it that speaks? What is this force? Where do these words come from? It’s the same thing in the book of The Bhagavad Gita, where Arjuna became more, because he inhabited Krishna, or you could say the other way around, Krishna inhabited him. Not that Arjuna was any different than Krishna, but Arjuna the person didn’t know it. And thus, he went to battle. So too are we.

“We are now in battle. We’re in the arena. All your life has prepared you for this time. Whatever be the remaining years you have on the planet.

We are now in battle. We’re in the arena. All your life has prepared you for this time. Whatever be the remaining years you have on the planet. So I’m in this wonder of it, that I share with you, this wondrous possibility. And also, that I give you this structure that my teacher gave to me, this World Peace Meditation, as a means of organizing ourselves collectively, to accelerate our evolution as individuals. Both as human beings and as divine beings, to a place of maturity, of responsibility, of presence, of fullness, of Grace, of love unbounded, of a determinate will, a resolve that goes beyond ourself. To be part of a current that’s much greater than ourselves, to feel this flow through the veins and nervous system, the nādis and the chakras of our systems. To feel that force seeking to manifest itself through us, as us.

So all that I’ve taught, all that you have lived, all that you have learned, all the wisdom that has come to you is to gather here to be here now in this moment with me, with those who are with me physically, and to all the rest of you who are with me here in this modality, and those that are in the domains in the beach … in the bleachers listening to this. All of us together can create something in this moment that will bring to fulfillment all sorrow, all grief, all suffering, all struggle, all effort, all longing, all striving, in whatever form it may be, to completion, to its fullness. In this moment to play your part, to take a stand on the stage of this time of transition, to serve something so vast and so great that no doubt, it is not knowable, it’s not even able to be recognized when it walks into you.

Be willing. You don’t need to believe this. Just be willing to recognize the experience of what is going to be happening now in this gathering. To open yourself to knowing a new way. To accessing a different way of knowing yourself, your body, and to bring all parts of you into this particular technique. To stay present with it to whatever extent you can, to be able to follow through with the instructions that I’ll be giving to the best you can, and just follow this structure. That’ll be enough.

And of course, you’re all here as an expression of that willingness. There’s really nothing more than that, but to show up. Because the universe will find its way to you, through you. It may take time for some of you, more time than others. But for some of you, you already are tapping into that current. And this will help it grow, it will help clear the channels, it’ll help this recognition of what it is you are, the miracle of the human body, the miraculous quality of your own self-awareness, the ability to bring all parts of yourself into a present moment.

So in this technique, the World Peace Meditation, which we’re going to call the “World Awakening Meditation” in the future, it is a means to evoke structures that exist in the subtle world. Just like we exist in the physical body, we also exist in the subtle physical body, in multiple subtle physical bodies concurrently. Even if our consciousness is locked into our physical mind, physical emotion, physical body, we’re linked to all bodies, and those bodies are linked to domains, each proportional to the body they’re inhabiting. So when we do this, we’re bringing all our multiple bodies into this body. And we’re being the means of using this body, which is the only body that matters in the domain of consequences, of karma, of dharma. 

Being in a body gives you a power point in the ability to impact the whole world. It is from us, in our bodies, consciously, aligning all our parts to become a channel from (for) a force that comes from the Supreme, comes into our body, finds a place in the middle of our body, the third chakra, in the belly. And we hold it there, evoking the forces of the creation and the forces of the unmanifest powers to be present. And we hold it there for some moments. And in the process, while we hold it there, in the middle of our body, we call forth all that has not been seen and met, or has yet to evolve, that which is emerging from the inconscient of the collective consciousness. Not just human collective consciousness but the consciousness of matter, of physical matter in all its forms and its chemistries, and its electrical properties, its magnetic properties. Calling forth all of it to come up and join with that Supreme force from above.

It’s in the mixture of those two in our bodies that we create a form of fusion, a form of coming to a reconciling of two absolutely extreme polarities in which the entire creation arises. At the seat of all dualities, or all structures, of con … of existence itself, and of consciousness itself – in our bodies.

Now, this sounds like “well, what are you talking about?!” I assure you, it is what happens, but we are so insulated, we’re so dense, we’re so habituated to our embodiment, that we can’t recognize the f … the vastness of what it is we are, or its power.

Then, when those two hold together, we exhale this combined breath, and I will direct it. It’s where we direct it. We can direct it upward, but it doesn’t need it. We (can) direct it outward, but we direct it back into the darkness, into the roots of the error of the world itself. And in this way, awakening all that which is yet to be hidden, because it’s only by discovering what’s hidden that we can make it through this transition. So that we can change our behavior, so that we can wake up to the consequences when we’re taking the action that’s creating the consequence, rather than some centuries down the road, some generation that is yet to be awakened.

So we tap into universal principles. Rules, laws, like gravity, like attraction and repulsion, inertia, and resistance, that’s true in the domain of consciousness. And we mobilize this to bring … bring to humanity a strength, a resolve, a clarity. And most importantly, an awakening to our responsibility for where we find ourselves.