New Dharma Coaching


After a lifetime of spiritual searching, including the study and practice of psychology, astrology, metaphysics, Ayurveda and Transcendental Meditation (TM), I meet Sat Shree in July of 2012. I wasn’t looking for a teacher but recognized him the moment I sat down to talk with him. One year later I moved to Washoe Valley to study with him. Within a month I knew my purpose was to be of service to the Divine and to know myself as God and Truth as much as possible in this lifetime.

During my four years of living in the residential program I have deepened my capacity to be in relationship with (accept/enter into) enormous physical and emotional pain, chaos and impermanence. This capacity allows me to be in Presence/equanimity with all things as they arise without clinging or resistance. For me this is God, the Divine actualized through my form in this time and space.

I am by nature a calm, kind and compassionate person with an unrelenting imperative to get to the essence/truth of all things. I have cleared and simplified myself life to support my intention to be of service to the Divine, Sat Shree and his work.