New Dharma Coaching

Jan Kirschon

After having been in deep depression and psychological pain I had a profound awakening in 1996. I was so open and clear for almost a whole year. Then I had to face the issues I had not yet met in life. This was a 15 year process. The following helped me to meet and clarify the issues I had avoided. Different types of healing, the Journey, therapies of different kind, various types of body work, Yoga, Zen meditation, Enneagram. I have also been with different non-dual spiritual teachers and a student of Candice O’Denver (Balanced View) as well as a Balanced View teacher for 8 years. I have worked as a healer, Journey therapist, leading various groups and workshops.

I am a father of three grown up children. I have worked as a programmer, system analyst and a project manager in the IT business for 40 years. Both my work and my children have been tremendous teachers for me.

I have learned over the years the importance of the connection to and the felt sense of the body. My experience is that the body is the portal to Divine consciousness.

I have never been able to surrender to a teacher before but just after being with him for two weekends, I felt faith in him and for what he has become. I just wanted to be with him. After being with Sat Shree I have noticed the fundamental shifts in me. I am in eternal gratitude for the opportunity to serve and learn in Sat Shree’s presence.

My purpose in life is to be of service to the Divine, the Force and the manifestation of Truth and Divine love in mankind.