Partner Resource

The New Dharma Partner Resource is a platform for those who are active in New Dharma and who would like to offer a program, course, or workshop to the community. Sat Shree sees this opportunity as a way to deepen your manifestation and to enhance your partnership to manifest greater Love and Truth. 

The offerings need to be in alignment with the teachings of Sat Shree and the work of New Dharma. They must serve the evolutionary purpose of existence and bring about a new way of being, a new way of living, and a new humanity. 

New Dharma has developed a structure and application process that will support the required thoughtfulness and intention to support your sacred offerings.

Proposed program facilitators will need to fill out the application form and complete all parts of the application process.

The New Dharma Partner Resource Committee and Sat Shree will review all applications and make their determination within three weeks of the application submission.

Partner Events

There are no partner events scheduled at this time.


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