Global Training Program


The Global Training Program (GTP) began in India in 2019. It is not a formal teacher-certification program. Rather, it is a program designed to provide you with an opportunity to commit to and immerse yourself in an acceleration of your own spiritual development while at the same time increasing your capacity to be useful as a vehicle for divine love and truth in the world. This program shows how to manifest a higher purpose in practical ways, to support other spiritual seekers, and to assist New Dharma in manifesting its mission. It helps you develop your ability to be a channel or instrument of the unique force and consciousness that comes through Sat Shree.

Program Structure

PHASE ONE: Fundamentals

Dates: October 3-November 14, 2020

Focus: Understanding and embodying fundamentals of New Dharma teachings and learning about and practicing leading inquiry groups, and leading Gita and Mother Book sessions. Selected participants will also learn and practice and mentoring.

Prerequisite:  Coming soon


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