Coaching: Sweden

Annie Andersson

A constant companion on my path is my deep longing to live the awakeness in everyday life, in the midst of the lovely mess of human experience.

Ullrika Dahl

I feel very blessed to have met this teaching and Sat Shree and been given the opportunity to be in Divine service, my purpose in life is found.

Jag känner mig så välsignad som har träffat på denna undervisningen och Sat Shree och att jag har fått möjligheten att vara i service till det gudomliga, jag har hittat syftet med mitt liv.

Jan Kirschon

After being with Sat Shree in Washoe and in India most of the time over the last two years, I now experience the Force flowing through me that Sat Shree carries.

Michael Larsson

With the help of Sat Shree, his teachings and transmission, I have come to accept that living my divine purpose is a possible reality for me and for all of us.

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