New Dharma Mentors


How to schedule a mentoring call with Satyadevi:

Please send an email to

Session length: 55 minutes.

Suggested fee: $35 to $80

Satyadevi (Annie Anderson)

Through all times, feeling at home in nature and being in contact with animals on a deep level have been the anchors of my existence. Through them, Divine has kept flowing and has granted me many everyday miracles. Growing up with a sensitivity that made it difficult to cope with the harsher sides of human behavior, I slowly—through a series of painful personal events—learned to embrace the multifariousness of life and not to fear any of the wide variety of human emotions. It meant slowing down enough to let the pain of the world all the way into the heart, allowing my heart to break open, and then acting from that broken-open space. It meant stepping up with humility, curiosity, and love.

I have tried to both immerse myself in Life and to keep it away by engaging heavily in work; being a happy self-employed workaholic in a seemingly glamorous business, the travel industry. This ended after many years, around the year 2000, with a severe physical breakdown and changed the direction of my life completely. Losing my health and my treasured identity as a self-sustained entrepreneur proved to be great gifts.

On my path, I have benefitted generously from many spiritual teachings, but it wasn’t until I met and deeply connected with Sat Shree in 2015 that I began to find a way to integrate and embody the awakeness in everyday life. Sat Shree is inexhaustibly showing us how to live the truth of awakening in our daily life, fully awake and fully human, which is where the real transformation is happening. For this, I am immensely grateful, and I am here to also support the unfolding of Divine in all who feel the call.