New Dharma Mentors


I wasn’t aware of any spiritual inclination for decades, until one day, in January of 2009, I was blessed with a spontaneous spiritual awakening. The experience was so out of the ordinary that the seeking towards That became inevitable. At that time, I was a successful research scientist and long distance runner, completely involved and entangled in the world. So, even though the seeking towards That was genuine, it was heavily coated by ego structures, as I thought spirituality could co-exist and enhance my worldly lifestyle. Little, or nothing, did I know.

After the first awakening, followed by six months of spiritual honeymoon, the Universe started introducing itself ruthlessly. I fell very ill and became quite dysfunctional for several years.That forced me to live a minimalistic and reclusive life, which allowed for silence and stillness to come to the forefront. Yet I didn’t really know or understand what was happening. Many experiences followed that period, including the death of the ego-self, which just made the whole thing altogether very odd and more challenging.

That was until I met Sat Shree in 2015, and He so accurately contextualized what was happening. More than that, when I heard the first word coming from Him, I just knew. There was instantly a connection and the sense of a track being found. I found myself moving to the New Dharma community shortly thereafter. Sat Shree has been absolutely instrumental in assisting the shaping of a new and truer reality, more purposeful, embodied and integral, rooted in Truth and Love.

And here I am, gratefully and humbly serving His work, eternally in awe for how every situation and challenge in life is in service of the immense possibility and potentiality of a life fully human and fully divine.

How to schedule a mentoring call with Satyapriya:

Please send an email to

Sessions are done through Zoom in English or Portuguese

Session length: 55 minutes