New Dharma Mentors

How to schedule a mentoring call with Satyamanu:

Please send an email to

Sessions are done through Zoom in English or Dutch

Session length: 55 minutes

Suggested fee: $35 to $80

Satyamanu (Sijbrand) Maal

You are awakened or in the process of awakening. You reading this is a clear indication. The journey of consciousness is a miraculous unfolding that by direct knowing and experience takes us beyond and includes the individual Ego, the higher Self and the Universal aspects of our Supreme essence. 

In late 2016 a friend sent me a recording of a six-day retreat with Sat Shree he attended in the USA. The moment I started listening, an instant revelation came throughout the body. It was clear that I was listening to myself and a huge fire and an almost desperate longing arose from the depth of my being. I just knew I had to see this ‘guy’. I scheduled a Skype call with Sat Shree and went to India to be with him soon after.

I felt, to be honest, really spiritually matured (although I still had a strong sense of ‘further’), awakened and blessed after years of very intense spiritual work with various spiritual teachers and practices (yoga, meditation, different spiritual teachers, energetic work and The Wim Hof method). Life even turned me into a spiritual teacher and owner of a yoga school in Amsterdam. But even the direct experience of my personal ego, the fierce puking out of the false self, the spiritual experiences, the presence, space, equanimity, love and insights that came didn’t prepare me for that which was coming.

The Universe started to introduce itself and literally took over the show of transformation in ways I didn’t know were possible. At times the universe made love to me and sometimes it felt like it ripped me apart. These strong energetic forces came from below, above and from the inside out and started working on my whole system. There was a natural giving over to the process and most of the time I underwent all the ‘extraordinary’ with a big Yes, a smile and a heart full of gratitude. Besides being prepared, willing and ready it was the love, truth and grace of Sat Shree that held me. At different times the road proved to be quite traitorous and seductive. The spiritual ego showed its face on multiple occasions and I can’t thank Sat Shree (New Dharma), my wife Savitri, my daughter Lievia and many other beings enough. By their grace I was able to stay on track. 

In essence we are the source of consciousness itself. That principle which is not to be claimed by any form that it effortlessly gives birth to. It is an absolute (fierce) grace to know, experience and embody that realization more and more deeply as the years go by. Sat Shree gave me the spiritual name Satyamanu, which means the first human to become the Supreme being. To fully embody the potential this name carries. To keep learning my own lessons. To be an instrument and channel by which the Universe transmutes darkness into light in all actions taken. To raise the collective consciousness and to serve, hold and guide those who feel a pull to this eternal path is known and felt to be my purpose for this lifetime. 

Life doesn’t make mistakes so I invite you to further explore (y)our unfolding if life brings us together through this mentoring possibility New Dharma is offering. Together we create a safe, relaxed and loving space. Held in the journey of consciousness context we all travel, in which the transformative force we call the Sat force, the supramental force or the intervention force can do its work from the inside out. It is on open invitation. Thank you for showing up.