New Dharma Mentors

Sat Das

I had my initial Skype call with Sat Shree in late 2015, soon after he came strongly to mind during a period of great dejection. Even then, I wasn’t sure. I didn’t experience the force or anything that let me know I had just met the greatest blessing of life.

By the end of my first individual meeting with him, my soul wanted to bow at his feet. I had never experienced being so seen, so understood, so gotten, to the core of my being. The trauma, the PTSD, the despair – he met me there. Over the coming months he came down again and again into the depths of hell where I found myself, and delivered me into life. He helped me halt the downward spiral of self-hatred I was unknowingly addicted to, and revealed to me as much of my own Divinity as I could absorb at any one time. Just reflecting upon it moves me to tears.

Having believed myself to be furthest from God, I now feel palpably the refuge of the Divinity that lives each of us. That radiance was there prior to meeting Sat Shree, but was always prone to being subsumed by darkness and self-doubt. Now it is the anchor, the rock, the refuge that enables me to meet all in me that remains unexperienced and unmet. It gives me the strength to go to the places that scare me most. It ennobles and sustains me. It is me, and I am It: this radiant peace, this growing love, this vast ocean of gratitude. All revealed by an unspeakable Grace.

How to schedule a mentoring call with Sat Das:

Please send an email to

Sessions are done through Zoom in English

Session length: 55 minutes