New Dharma Mentors

How to schedule a mentoring call with Adya Shakti:

Please send an email to:

Sessions are done through Zoom, in English or Dutch

Session length: 55 minutes

Suggested fee: $35 to $80

Adya Shakti

As a very young (highly sensitive) child I was already aware that there was more to life than what meets the eye. What really triggered my search for the meaning of life was my mother passing away at the age of 56 in 1996. It took me on a journey that led me to Yoga and its philosophy in the late 90’s. At first it was mainly the Chakra philosophy that had my interest and in 1999 I enrolled in a four-year Psychic reading training which enabled me to “read” my own energy and thus become aware of my own programming.

Letting go of that programming, and coming to the truth of what I am, became a life goal. Yoga has helped me tremendously during this process. I was so passionate about what yoga brought me that I decided to become a yoga instructor in 2009 and I’ve been teaching yoga ever since. Through yoga I came in contact with spiritual teachers, mainly of the Advaita Vedanta philosophy. But it wasn’t until watching Sat Shree in the “Intro to The Journey of Consciousness” that I knew I had found my teacher. Sat Shree showed me what kept me from being free. He guided me to open my heart completely and to surrender to the Universe. 

Being in his presence is the ultimate feeling of “coming home”. Becoming a manifesting channel for the Sat force, guiding others to find their true authority, and to help raise consciousness on earth is my purpose in life.

As a mentor I create a safe space in which that what wants to be seen and felt can arise. The Sat force that is brought into this space and into your system does the work.  It is a transformative intervention.  

Born with an innate talent for reading energy, I will guide you through simple questions back to the root of the issue at hand.    

Sat Shree gave me my spiritual name: Adya Shakti. It means the first Shakti, the one that comes right out of Truth (the Sat).  Adya Shakti is what the Supreme being is in manifestation. 

Through my mentoring I let you discover that same quality within yourself. So you too can become a manifesting channel of Divine.