New Dharma Mentors

Sat Shree
Once you have had an introductory call, you may schedule a private session with a mentor directly.

Schedule a Mentoring Session

For follow-up calls Sat Shree has sanctioned mentors to assist and support sincere and committed spiritual beings. Each mentor knows the nature of the journey and have experienced what it is like to live and work in the cauldron of spiritual transformation that occurs around Sat Shree. Each mentor can guide and support you with their own unique gifts.

Sessions are done via Zoom in both English and other languages, depending on each mentor’s language skills. 

  1. Choose one of the New Dharma mentors listed below.
  2. Click on the picture or more text for each mentor to learn more about their spiritual journey.
  3. Email the mentor directly to book and schedule the day and time for the session. Email addresses are provided on the mentors’ profiles. A payment link, available times for the holding the session, and any other information is provided by the mentor. 


Schedule a mentoring session with one of the New Dharma mentors below.

Jaya (Amanda) Smith


I am immensely grateful to Sat Shree and all he teaches and demonstrates about how to collaborate with the force that comes through him to realize the full possibility of human life. It is an honor to serve his work and others that are drawn to it. More…

Janaka (Jan) Kirschon


The longing of my heart is to guide people to deeper awakening, higher truth, love and also to live aligned with their purpose and hearts longing. I intuitively look into what’s going on in people’s lives, to help them through relaxation and transformation into divine presence. More…

Satyamanu (Sijbrand) Maal

(The Netherlands)

Life doesn’t make mistakes so I invite you to further explore (y)our unfolding if life brings us together through this coaching or mentoring possibility New Dharma is offering. More…

Durga Ma


I have known and grown with Sat Shree since 2012.  I am now called to be available to support others who are on their journey of discovering the truth of who they are. More…



The purpose of my life and heartfelt wish is to be of benefit to others in this transition and transformation that the world and mankind is going through now. More…


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