New Dharma Mentors

How to schedule a mentoring call with Jaya:

Please send an email to

Sessions are done through Zoom in English

Session length: 55 minutes

Suggested fee: $35 to $80

Jaya (Amanda Smith)

I always felt there was more to life than what I knew. And I looked for it intensively in the material world. After achieving everything I thought I wanted in life in my mid-30s I finally realized that none of it was actually what I was seeking and went into a period of depression. When life seemed completely hopeless, the question came, “if I am not the things I do, then what am I?”. Shortly afterward I started experiencing showings of what I actually am and a different way to be in life.

These experiences ignited a longing to know reality and I started searching for guidance. When I heard an interview with Sat Shree in 2014 I knew I had to meet him. In my first conversation with him, he helped me see that the openings I had experienced were just the beginning of the path. He showed me that true spiritual maturity involves the integration of our humanity so that we can bring Divine into the world. He encouraged me to focus on coming to more fullness as a person and to pray to be shown how I could serve. 

This path of maturing for me has involved meeting, offering up, and attempting to make sacred every aspect of my life, including beliefs, traumas, unconscious patterns, and ideas about who I am or how life should be. It feels like an endless process of making the unconscious conscious and releasing what keeps me from being in the Love and Truth that is available in every moment. 

It is a blessing to be able to serve Sat Shree and New Dharma’s work and others on this path and to have the opportunity to sit with another in a mentoring session. It is an honor to hold the presence and recognition of the Divinity of the one I am with and to trust that the highest good will be revealed. Much love to you on your journey.