New Dharma Introductory Call

Shree Ma (Yasmin) Rieger

I met Sat Shree for the first time in October 2015 during one of his weekend intensive programs. While I really enjoyed the program and knew I wanted to explore his teachings more, I didn’t initially have any strong reactions or experiences with him.

After attending another one of his weekend events in early 2016 I decided to attend his 6-day silent retreat in May 2016. That was when I realized that Sat Shree was more than just another spiritual teacher. I was amazed at how powerful this retreat was for me. From the beginning of the retreat I could feel my heart open up and expand. It felt like something inside me broke open and I had huge heart-opening experiences. I felt a deep peace and relaxation during that retreat and the thought came to me that “I have found my home.”

I knew this was really true on the last day of the retreat when I went up to talk to him after the final closing talk of the retreat. While he was still seated in his chair, I asked if I could ask him a quick question.  As he looked up at me his eyes looked directly into my eyes and it instantly triggered something deep within me.  It was as if I was being seen for who I truly was for the first time in my life. The minute his eyes met mine I immediately broke down into sobs and I sat at his feet. I saw in his eyes the deepest kindness and love I have ever experienced. My heart had completely opened once again, recognizing the divine being that he is.

I have been with Sat Shree ever since and I continue to feel that divine love and energy come through him as he guides me to grow and realize my own true nature, my divinity, for myself. He pushes me to “stop playing small,” come to my own authority and realize the divine power within me. I am a completely different person today than I was when I met him and the adventure continues as I grow and remember the truth of who I am under his divine guidance and love.