New Dharma Introductory Call

Satyagita (Lisa) Lestander

I grew up in northern Sweden and there was a natural sense of oneness, awe and gratitude towards life and the world. The longing to fully know the purpose behind this creation and human experience has been there as long as I can remember and to know if fully, in my very cells, not only as an intellectual understanding. 

My different life experiences, both the deeply challenging and wonderful ones, as well as various teachers, gave me clues and guidance on the way but it kept leaving me wondering why I am here and how to live.

In 2016 a friend sent me a recording of Sat Shree and when I listened to it I literally fell to the floor. I was given a description of the journey of consciousness that for the first time fully satisfied me and there was the physical experience of my body connecting to its purpose.

Since then the guidance from Sat Shree and the transformative force coming through him, has supported me to consciously keep entering deeper into the human form. Meeting all its limitations, contractions and programmings as a means to embody higher expressions of myself. A continuously humbling, challenging but wondrous experience. To keep include all aspects of humanity and the world as me—the darkest darkness as well as the lightest light—both ever expanding, becoming the source of it all. 

I am being shown how to live my purpose and the joy in serving others on this path, to the best that I can, is the natural unfolding of it.