New Dharma Introductory Call

Sat Shree
An introductory call is required before scheduling with a mentor.

Introductory Call

The personal introductory call is both an entry point to participate in Sat Shree’s programs and an opportunity to establish a spiritual connection with this powerful and sacred force that comes through Sat Shree.

Who should have an introductory call?

Anyone who is called to participate in Sat Shree’s programs and who wishes to establish a spiritual connection with the force that lives Sat Shree – the current of Satchitananda.

How to book an introductory call

Length: The first call is up to 25 minutes.

Cost: There is no charge for an introductory call. However, a donation is always appreciated.

All calls are held through Zoom and in English.

  1. Choose one of the New Dharma facilitators listed below.
  2. Click on the button provided for each facilitator to learn more about that facilitator and to book your introductory call with them. 
  3. Click the schedule link to select the date and time of your call.
  4. Complete and submit the New Dharma Coaching Request form.
  5. You will receive a Zoom invite and email confirmation of your scheduled introductory call.

Introductory Call Facilitators

Schedule an introductory call with one of the New Dharma facilitators below.

Satartha (Scott Usedom)


From Sat Shree I have learned that the body is the field, the place where all resolution from personal pain and trauma are met, resulting in greater freedom and purpose in life. More…

Shree Ma (Yasmin Rieger)


I am a completely different person today than I was when I met him and the adventure continues as I grow and remember the truth of who I am under his divine guidance and love. More…

Satananda (Anders Johansson)


Some of the great benefits I experience being with Sat Shree is a fundamental sense of purposefulness beyond any reason and logic, a more and more loving acceptance of what is, and receiving life as the grand teacher. More…

Dick Koek


Sat Shree offers a framework. He points directly to our divine nature, sees the importance of personal work to reveal what’s in the way, emphasizes the importance of our human growth as well as our spiritual growth, and most importantly, he is a living experienced-based example of all this, Love and Truth. More…

Tanya McGinnity


There is no greater work or leadership than to wake up to the truth of who we are right now and not stay small in the little self. Thanks to the guidance and grace of Sat Shree and Satyamayi I am empowered to play my part. More…


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