New Dharma Mentors


How to schedule a mentoring call with Gandiva:

Please send an email to

Sessions are done through Zoom in English

Session length: 55 minutes

Suggested fee: $35 to $80

Gandiva (Elizabeth Robinson)

I’ve always lived with a deep sense that I was here to serve the world. Over my career, I felt God directed what I did and where I did it. I had amazing opportunities to work internationally with UN leaders, women leaders, and youth leaders. Now, after studying with Sat Shree for three years, I see what I did in my career was just an interim purpose. Although I believed I was collaborating with the Divine, I was veiled from the full possibility of what that really could be. I was operating on top of many human patterns I wasn’t aware of like thinking my value came from accomplishing projects and seeking outward to validate my worthiness. 

 Sat Shree’s teachings compel us to take responsibility for realizing the Truth of who we are. He shows us how to unravel what’s obscuring us so we can make the full journey to become embodied channels of Divine. As the world is shaking with change, this is the only journey worth taking right now—to fully realize our possibility as Divine Beings so that we can serve humanity and Mother Earth in this time of need on the planet. 

I lived most of my life in the Washington DC area and am now based in Washoe Valley where I support the work of New Dharma. As a New Dharma mentor, I open a doorway for you to experience Sat Shree’s transmission (Truth and Love) and hold a wide space for you to bring forward whatever is there in the moment. It’s in the space, that Divine works through both of us to bring you what you need in a mentoring session.