New Dharma Mentors


How to schedule a mentoring call with Christa:

Please send an email to

Sessions are done through Zoom in English

Session length: 55 minutes

Suggested fee: $35 to $80

Christa Ray

As a mystical, sensitive child, I wanted to be a saint when I grew up. Saints all suffered which put my childhood challenges into a context I could hold! My first spiritual teacher brought me to self-realization through extreme spiritual austerity and renunciation from the world for 6 years. The next 7 years I studied with a western mystic who taught me how to live in the world as an awakened soul. I developed my gifts as an artist and healer. I matured as a human being. And I stopped seeking for many years as I integrated what had come to me in my early awakening at age 24. But in my early 50’s, I began feeling there was more spiritual expansion calling and grace brought me to Sat Shree, who recognized my soul’s longing for Truth. My awakening process accelerated as the fiery longing for the Absolute Truth was kindled. The closer Sat Shree’s transmission brought me to the Absolute, the more I needed to meet and release the unconscious compensating structures, ancestral fear and traumas in my body that I had been able to spiritually bypass.

I have been with Sat Shree since 2016 and am grateful to now experience a strong inner light at my core enabling me to feel spiritually held from within and deeply worthy of being in existence as the simple Presence that has always lived me. Inhabiting my body has been the portal to stabilizing the realization of my divine nature as Love in Truth. This inner work is ongoing as long as I live in my body.

Guiding sincere aspirants to uncover the embodied Truth of their Being as a direct knowing and experience is my great joy. I hold a sacred space for healing (‘to make whole’) to unfold through grace. I honor each person’s wisdom and authentic soul path. I bring to mentoring sessions 25 years of private practice in somatic healing arts and trauma resolution modalities. For many years I facilitated expressive arts workshops and spiritual retreats. Currently, I serve New Dharma as a trainer in the yogic mantra techniques, facilitate World Awakening Meditations and teach embodiment classes.

I feel honored to have the opportunity to serve others in the process of psychological and spiritual maturation on this path of becoming a Human-Divine Being.