We just completed another Get Real Workshop this last weekend. The focus was on moving into a deeper relationship with the Reality, the SAT by revealing and realizing the layers of hidden unreality, the ASAT, we have unwittingly identified with. I call it ‘Realizing the Lie’.

The very fabric that keeps us locked into our small self shifts when we see these hidden aspects of ourselves while in the high energetic spiritual field created by the Workshop. It was awesome how these obscurities and obstructions rose to the surface while sitting together…usually these things stay hidden and have to be forced out. I was very pleased. The next step is how to manifest this new insight, how to make it Real.

We make it Real through living our lives aligned with the SAT what is real without lies, deception or bullshit. This is really what Yoga is all about; moving into a truer relationship with what is ‘Real’. Life is Yoga. Yoga means merger with that which is the essence of what we are and that which pervades this universe. All of life is engaged in this yoga to become ONE with that Reality from which we all emerged.

Therefore saying YES to life’s challenges and difficulties force us to expand ourselves out of our little individual comfort zone, becoming larger, more inclusive in the process. This process creates a mature human being and ultimately a divine one. This is the universal process of life, a movement from our separate individuality to our universality. This process is the yoga of life. It is a process is full of growing pains. Enduring them calmly is the secret to realizing the purpose of Life.

Om Tat Sat,

Sat Shree