New Dharma Introductory Call

Satyaprem (Machteld Numan)

I first met Sat Shree in 2018 at De Nieuwe Yogaschool in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I was participating in a Bhagavad Gita course there, and I was watching his revelations on the Bhagavad Gita on YouTube as preparation for this course. As I was watching, something inside me became very still, as I felt the truth that was being spoken. When I met him in person, this sense of love and truth deepened. 

I had come in touch with the Bhagavad Gita, as I was going through a period of dejection, not knowing that it was dejection. I just thought that I was getting depressed with life, wondering: “Is this all there is? I have everything that people have told me is supposed to make me happy, but I feel empty inside. Something is missing.” I did not realize that my soul was yearning for something more. For the meaning of my life. For the reason of being here and for my purpose.

Through Sat Shree and New Dharma I have learned that I am my purpose. Life is the purpose. To experience the divinity inside of myself, as well as the human that I am. To include all that I am as part of that bigger picture. It has given me a framework and a reference point from which I understand the deeper meaning of life, of myself and of my being here on the planet. Especially in these times of turmoil, where there can be no greater purpose than to discover the love and truth that each of us actually are. There is no deeper sense of fulfillment than the moments when I experience for myself, that I am the light and the love that I am looking for. All that I need is already here. My own life is showing me exactly what to meet and where to go. If I can open my eyes and truly see. 

I am so deeply grateful to Sat Shree, Satyamayi and New Dharma for their work and for continuing to provide opportunities for me to access deeper love and greater truth within myself.