New Dharma Introductory Call

Grace McLaughlin

I first heard of Sat Shree in 2019. A friend told me about a spiritual teacher she had met —an American guy with a Sanskrit name living near Tahoe. “That’s nice,” I said, but I could not have been less interested. I had had my fill of spiritual teachers. “Thanks, but no thanks,” I replied, and let it go at that.  

But then things happened, as they do, and I began listening to recordings of Sat Shree’s revelations of the Mother Book. I started with Chapter 1 and somehow persisted through all of my many objections to Sat Shree and kept listening. When I got to Chapter 5 I began to cry…and cry…and cry. I knew enough to know that this was no ordinary crying. It was a Call.  

And so I answered.

What initially drew me to Sat Shree was the fact that he described things that I knew to be true but didn’t even know that I knew, let alone that I didn’t have language for. His words went directly into my Being and there was no mistaking the truth of them. It was uplifting and enlightening and affirming and encouraging, all in one.

But it was not just Sat Shree’s words that caught my attention. I also noticed that when I participated in the online satsangs, I felt a palpable transmission in my body. This was something I had not experienced since my last spiritual teacher had died years earlier. Something was re-awakening in me…and something else completely new was being awakened as well. Very soon all of my ‘no’s’ had turned to ‘yesses’.  

Since I met Sat Shree, the transformation that I’ve experienced is something I would not have believed possible. I am in awe of how quickly and how deeply old pain and negative conditioning and past grievances have been utterly transmuted. The more I experience on this path, the more committed I become to the profound opportunity and unique possibility that this journey offers.

And it’s a journey I am happy to spend the rest of my life exploring.