New Dharma Introductory Call

Dick Koek

As a  child I felt a strong connection with  nature, sometimes I’d spend a few hours sitting alone in the middle of a dense bush in the dunes that began behind our garden. Of course I didn’t know anything about spirituality but somehow I felt  attracted to something that was bigger than me. As an adolescent I became a seeker,  I read a lot of books and joined aura/healing workshops, joined Seth groups and things like that. Although that brought me a lot, I always felt that there was still something missing , I was missing some kind of overview, framework and the feeling of  “Yes… this is  what I’m looking for!”

That changed when I found the Path work ( channeled information by Eva Pierrakos ). For a decade or so I participated in several Path work groups and trainings. That was my spiritual home for a long time. Then I discovered  teachers  like Tony Parsons, Jeff Foster, Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle, Djihi Marianne, who directly point to our divine nature and I started visiting their satsangs.

In one of those satsangs I had an awakening experience of being I am-ness without  an individual ego. I awoke to the fact that I am already (all-ready). That, what I was looking for. The mental seeking came to an end. It was a direct knowing , I just knew that this is true, and since that time it has always been with me, in the foreground or in the background. Although this is a very important realization it was still primarily a knowing and not an experience.

Then Sat Shree arrived on my path.

Sat Shree is a combination of everything I just described. He offers a framework, he points directly to our divine nature, sees the importance of personal work to reveal what’s in the way, emphasizes the importance of our human growth as well as our spiritual growth, and most importantly, he is a living experienced-based example of all this, Love and Truth.

When I found him on the internet I immediately could feel that by listening to him. When I met him for the first time and looked into his eyes I experienced something very special, as if I was looking at my Self, that same Self as his, the source of Being.

So where am I now? I am in a process of  embodying all that, being with Sat Shree and New Dharma is a tremendous support. If you think I am done, that is not the case. Habitual patterns are still running, I didn’t lose my critical way of looking at things, I often meet my inclination of hiding out, being afraid to manifest, and use of procrastination, to name a few.

Maybe you recognize these issues in yourself? The big difference is that I no longer feel defined by that behavior. I feel honored to represent Sat Shree as good as I can and share that with you. Life is so beautiful, it’s a miracle!