Awakening to the Original Intent

The Original Intent is the first movement in consciousness that brought forth Creation. It carries the purposeful current of Satchidananda—Truth, Consciousness and Love. We are expressions of this current and Original Intent. It is the reason we are born, the reason we are alive, the reason we live, the reason we are “here.”

Message from New Dharma, June 2022

A Time of Transition

New Dharma is entering a period of transition for re-evaluation, re-organization, reflection, and introspection as we sense into the next possibility for bringing Sat Shree’s teachings into the world. During this time Sat Shree will offer limited programs based in Washoe Valley and support students to stay in remembrance by offering a limited selection of programs which can be found under Events & Programs.

For those interested in bringing Sat Shree’s teachings into your lives in the support of a community, we invite you to look at our community-led programs page. These programs offer a framework and a way to support yourself as you take actions to keep aligning your life for a greater purpose.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to email

There is an Original Intent, a Divine Will . . . to be, to know, to learn, to experience, to wake up, to love, to evolve. It is the very first impulse in consciousness that holds the entire dynamic aspect of Creation, including the descent of Consciousness, or Spirit, into bodies and matter. We came into being because of this Original Intent. It brought forth Creation itself and our human embodiment, empowering us with the potential to awaken, to know our true nature, to evolve, and fulfill the purpose of our birth. It is only in this domain that this can happen. It is a rare gift to take a human birth.

Becoming a Channel of the Supreme Being

The Bhagavad Gita is a map of the journey of consciousness that reveals your Supreme nature—it cuts right down through to the central causal authority in you that is the primal source of everything else. As you travel the journey you become a channel and instrument of the Supreme Being.

This process strengthens your capacity to rest in the true authority of the Supreme that is revealing itself in you in every moment of now. The experience creates a continuous direct, and immediate relationship with this divine reality that now lives you. You more readily become a vessel for manifestation and become the means of awakening this potential in others. It becomes a real possibility and a lived reality, in ways unbounded by ordinary human limitation.


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