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Have you experienced a spiritual awakening and need support or clarity on today’s challenges?

New Dharma is an expression of the new consciousness that has already descended to the planet. Its purpose is to show a new possibility for mankind that is already striving to manifest itself in the collective consciousness.

New Dharma is a way of living in alignment with the divine presence that already exists within each of us. It is a path that expands and integrates direct experience and awareness of that transcendent divine principle into the day-to-day challenges and opportunities of individual and collective life.

About Sat Shree

“My work is to show people how to collaborate with the natural maturation process that occurs when one is on the spiritual path. A process that, in fact, all of mankind is going through.”

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Upcoming Events

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Sat Shree and his wife and partner, Satyamayi, travel worldwide teaching about the New Dharma, a path of full awakening to one’s purpose and manifestation as a divine being on the planet.

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