Global Training Program

About the Global Training Program

The Global Training Program (GTP) began in India in 2019 as a manifestation of Sat Shree’s vision to support and empower those studying with him to embody more deeply his teachings through an alive and practical experience of transformation. Since then, the GTP keeps growing and evolving to meet the needs of this time.   

The GTP is not a formal teacher certification program. Rather, it is a program designed to provide you with an opportunity to commit to and immerse yourself in an acceleration of your own spiritual development and in this way play your part in establishing the new consciousness, the new humanity, the new dharma.   

By participating in a GTP program, you will be called to manifest a higher purpose in practical ways, live a more authentic life, increase your capacity to become a channel and instrument for divine love and truth in the world, support other spiritual seekers, and assist New Dharma in manifesting its mission. 

Three GTP Phases

The GTP is designed in three phases, each focusing on different aspects of the teachings and leading one toward greater manifestation, according to each person’s capacity and life purpose. Each phase is the foundation and a prerequisite for the next phase.

GTP-Phase 1: Fundamentals
GTP-Phase 2: Manifestation
GTP-Phase 3: Mastery

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