Winter Small Groups

Winter Small Groups

January —–

$99 per person


“The small group is the modality for deeper processing. We’ve all come here to meet whatever is arising, to see what is in the way of Divine, and to recognize Divine.” 

~ Sat Shree

The small group is one of the most powerful forms of Sat Shree’s work. In it a number of people come together for a period of time to hold a common commitment and intention: to share deeply, from the immediacy of their experience, what is arising for them in their spiritual process. In doing so group members create a shared field of Presence and purpose that empowers them to be with the issues and challenges that inevitably arise on the spiritual path. By listening and speaking to one another from the depths of their Being, group members come to inhabit their divine nature more fully while simultaneously taking greater responsibility for the very things that still obscure that divinity from manifesting more completely in their lives.

The Winter Small Groups start the week of xxxxx and run through the week of xxxxx.

Small groups run for six consecutive weeks, meeting once each week for approximately 90 minutes. Each small group will be led by a New Dharma-trained facilitator or trainer. All meetings will be held online using Zoom.

 Groups are open to anyone who has previously participated:

  • in a New Dharma small group, whether during a retreat, in India, or Washoe
  • in a New Dharma global group – a study group/inquiry group/book study group
  • or who has had a coaching call with a New Dharma coach (you may sign up for a coaching call if you’d like to participate but haven’t had one yet) 

Participants will choose from a list of available group times during the application process, selecting as many times when they are available to meet in order to give us the greatest chance of placing you in a group.

Each group will be comprised of 6-8 people.

Cost: $99 per person

Please note that the number of groups offered will be determined by the number of people who sign up. If there are not enough people to fill a particular group, people will be encouraged to join one of the New Dharma global groups instead.

Transparency Policy:

Representatives of New Dharma may at any time photograph, record and/or videotape satsangs, intensives, retreats, individual or small group meetings or other activities. Individual and small group meetings are shared for training purposes only and are not made public.  However, New Dharma reserves the right to use any such photograph, recording or videotape in New Dharma publications, advertising, displays, and publicity materials or for teaching purposes without obtaining further consent from any program participant. Each program participant releases New Dharma and its representatives from any liability in connection with any such use of such photographs, recordings and/or videotapes.

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