SAT-Shakti: Embodying the Supreme Being in Action (Remote)

Sat Shakti Program

If we attend to the eternal reality that lives within us…when we become the master of our own attention, then we are the embodied Supreme Being.”

~ Sat Shree

March 24-26

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Cost: $125- $300 sliding scale for 11 hours of deep dive training and optional silent meditations.

You are welcome to join Christa and JanPeter (Janaka) on a weekend embodiment retreat and training to deepen our relationship with the fundamental, eternal, inner reality of the SAT in our body. The Supreme Being’s all-pervasive nature already exists within the pervasive space of the body…it is That which is waking up as you and maturing your outer self to realize Its Truth. 

Silence and Stillness prepares the individual being to go beyond all form and merge with this absolute inner reality, we call the Supreme Being.

We will offer practices that support opening and clearing the pathways for the Supreme inner reality to be revealed within our felt-sense experience. Embodied explorations will refine our awareness and bring us into relationship with our internal core, our wholeness and our environment. One reason we cannot hold and integrate what we come to is that we leave our body and core in life.

We will practice embodying stillness through silent sittings, and meditative movement. We will express silence through sacred vocal sounding. Thereby supporting the stabilization and harmonization of SAT and Shakti, or Purusha and Prakriti—essential for taking aligned action.

The retreat will include experiential guided embodiment meditations, inquiry circles, chakra toning, and silent sittings to deepen our understanding and experience of Chapter 13 in the Bhagavad Gita. It will prepare our systems to contain and collaborate with the transformational process that brings us to the realization of the Truth of our Existence. 

503 ‘Manifesting Itself (supreme Brahman) through all the senses yet completely free from the senses, unattached yet sustaining all, though attribute less but enjoying all the qualities, it is immanent and all pervading. 

~ Gita Chapter 13

Sat Shree has sanctioned this retreat, saying: 

Silence and Stillness is the Being’s relationship with the inner reality. That inner reality is the rent in the veil of existence. It’s the vortex, the event horizon; it is the absolute unchanging ever, and the absolute always changing, always ever, occurring as a potential in your body.

What your techniques will do is train the outer person how to move into relationship with that, both in their own dive into it, but also once it starts manifesting— it begins to create turmoil, disruption and upset— then how to hold it, how to transition through it.”

Meet Christa in her Voices of New Dharma video.

Christa is a Global Training Program graduate, leads the Yogic Technique program, conducts Elemental Boosts/Hamsa Practice, Embodiment Classes, meditations and is a New Dharma mentor and group facilitator. She has been with Sat Shree for over six years attending and supporting numerous retreats as well as being a resident at the Satya Dharma Center for almost two years. 

For 25 years prior to aligning with Sat Shree, she was a spiritual retreat leader, workshop facilitator and energy healer in the realm of embodied transformation through expressive voice and movement. She also has decades of experience holding the space for wholeness of Being to emerge out of trauma constrictions in the body for those she works with. Now she also carries Sat Shree’s sanction and her intention is to serve and support individuals in coming to the Truth of their Being; fully human, fully divine.


JanPeter (Janaka) Kirschon has been with Sat Shree for over six years. He participated with Sat Shree continuously for four years wherever he was before the pandemic. He is a Yogic Technique trainer, leads meditations, conducts Elemental boosts and the Hamsa practice, is a Mentor and group facilitator.

JanPeter led the team to create the Yogic training program and created the Elemental boost. He co-created the Yoga of Manifestation program with Sat Shree and a core team. He also was the leader of the core team for the first trainer-led retreat in India, February 2022.

JanPeter is sanctioned by Sat Shree and his intention is to support and empower everyone to come to Truth, Love, stillness and to realize the Supreme Being and that we are Divine humans.

This event will be held in the Pacific time zone (PT), but will be accessible in other time zones. 

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Cancellation Policy:

Please contact New Dharma immediately if you need to cancel your retreat. Any deposits are not refundable.
31 days or more before the retreat: $50 cancellation fee

15 days or less before the retreat: no refund of event fee

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