Sat Weekend Retreat (GTP 3)

October 29-31, 2021

Starts: October 29 at 11:00 am PT
Ends: October 31 at 2:00 pm PT

Fee: Donation based (registration required)

Registration deadline: October 27

This Sat Weekend Retreat is a three-day dive into silence and stillness. It will be primarily led by GTP 3 participants in collaboration with Sat Shree. See schedule for detailed information and time commitment. Full participation is required for registered participants.


See event schedule

This Sat Weekend Retreat is part of the Global Training Program Phase 3 (GTP 3). It will be led and facilitated primarily by the GTP 3 team and facilitators in the program. Sat Shree will participate in some aspects of the program. 

We are welcoming anyone in the global community that would like to join the GTP 3 vessel and partake in this deep dive into the SAT and the exploration of themes that are relevant to all awakened beings in this time of transition. We invite those that are called to join. 

A Sat Weekend Retreat is a quest for the Truth of ‘what’ we are. We are in essence the SAT, the “truth” of our being. It is the eternal reality that lives in us. The SAT is both individual and universal. It is impersonal, and at the same time, the source of our personality and all our experiences, including spiritual experience. The nature of the SAT is silence and stillness. The experience of the SAT takes the form of ‘Sat-Chit-Ananda’ – truth, consciousness, and bliss.

 There are two things that happen at a Silent Sat Weekend Retreat. One, we step out of our life and habits, and two, we spend an extended period of time in silence and stillness with a group doing the same thing. This intentional gathering creates an energetic field and a synergy that allows for a deepening into the reality that we all are and at the same time allowing for the revelation of those aspects in ourselves that resist, block, and obscure our ability to know ourselves as the SAT and manifest our dharma, the purpose of our birth.  

Along with extended periods of silence, we will explore themes that are relevant to this time of transition. The Satsangs in the retreat will be a co-creation and collaboration with Sat Shree, trainers and facilitators in the GTP 3. In the Satsangs we will dive deep into the exploration of aspects of the spiritual path that hold the key to shifting the collective consciousness into a new paradigm for humanity. 

 By attending and fully committing to this retreat we take actions that are aligned with a greater purpose, the real purpose of our birth to manifest greater Truth and Love. Having a deeper connection with Truth changes how we view and interact with the world. This gives our innermost being a chance to come forward and reclaim its rightful place on the throne of our lives. The outcome is a renewed life, a new birth, a new paradigm for living not just for ourselves but for the World. 

  • Prior participation in a retreat with Sat Shree. 
  • If you are interested and have not participated in retreats with Sat Shree an Introductory Call is required. Please schedule and complete the Introductory Call before the deadline (October 27).
  • Full commitment to the Sat Weekend schedule – talks and meditations (please refer to schedule for the time commitment required). No exceptions please. 

Transparency Policy:

Representatives of New Dharma may at any time photograph, record and/or videotape satsangs, intensives, retreats, individual or small group meetings or other activities. Individual and small group meetings are shared for training purposes only and are not made public.  However, New Dharma reserves the right to use any such photograph, recording or videotape in New Dharma publications, advertising, displays, and publicity materials or for teaching purposes without obtaining further consent from any program participant. Each program participant releases New Dharma and its representatives from any liability in connection with any such use of such photographs, recordings and/or videotapes.

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