India Retreat 2022

The application for the India Retreat is now open but please do not book flights or arrange for India visas until further notice. More information will be provided shortly.
There is a definite atmospheric feeling in India, as if God is closer than here in the West. In the West, I have to ascend through a period of awareness before I can encounter what is easily available in India.”
Sat Shree

Sat Shree’s intention for the India Retreat is:

Awakening and Integrating the Body for the Supreme Manifestation

The body is the container that allows us to have a mind, that allows us to feel alive and to feel the life force, to have sensation, to see, to hear, to taste, to smell, to feel. Without the body we are just the field of consciousness. It’s because of the body and it’s only because of this dimension that there can be a reality. There has to be a Knower of that reality, and there can be no Knower unless it has a body.

When the body awakens it awakens us to domains of knowing and experiencing that allows it to become a vessel for the Supreme to manifest. This alone will bring forward all the hidden structures like shame and trauma that need to be met to allow us to become more clear vessels.

New Dharma is excited to announce a trainer-led India retreat with Janaka, Satartha, Satyapriya and Jaya. To further expand his teachings, Sat Shree has encouraged and sanctioned us to hold a retreat in Tiruvannamalai during January and February, and in Rishikesh in March.  

Following the first trainer-led retreat at Mundekulla, many participants shared how powerful and transformative the 9-day retreat was for them with Sat Shree zooming in from the Satya Mandir. We all look forward to co-creating something very special in India with you. 

The focus of the India Retreat is on Being, awakening the body, and the immediacy and the opportunity of the Sangha—all enriched by the particular spiritual vibration that is accessible in India. The body is the instrument of both experiencing and knowing.

Sat Shree will livestream from Washoe Valley at least once a week and we will have meditation, embodiment work, deep dives, small groups and evening programs, all with the intention to empower and support the awakening of the body and manifesting as the Supreme Being. In the first block there will be a SAT weekend and in the second block we will have an online 6-day light retreat. All that we offer are aligned with Sat Shree’s core teachings.

This retreat is open to both those new to New Dharma, and those who have attended many retreats and satsangs with Sat Shree.


Led by Janaka, Satartha, Satyapriya, and Jaya

Session 1

January 13-30, 2022

Cost: $895
(Includes program fees, Sat Weekend, airport transfers, and single room lodging.)

Scholarships available (limited to 5 partial scholarships)

Session 2

February 3-27, 2022

Cost: $1,320
(Includes program fees, 6-day Retreat, airport transfers, and single room lodging.)

Scholarships available (limited to 5 partial scholarships)

Combination of Session 1 and 2

January 13 – February 27, 2022

Cost: $2,178
(Includes program fees, airport transfers, single room lodging. Does not include lodging for days in-between sessions)

For those attending both sessions, you will be able to remain at New Dharma housing during the interim, at no additional charge, from January 24 to January 29, though housing may be reassigned.

Scholarships available (limited to 3 partial scholarships)



Led by Janaka and Satartha

March 3-20, 2022

Cost: $1,190
(includes program fees, airport, transfers, single room lodging, and breakfast)

Scholarships available (limited to 5 partial scholarships)

There is an additional cost for optional half-day trips:

  • Vashistha Cave visit with transport, snacks & guide: 1,000 rupees per person
  • Beatles Ashram & Ganga Aarti ceremony at the Parmath Niketan Ashram with snacks and guide: 1,000 rupees per person
  • Wildlife jeep safari in Rajaji National Park: 1,500 rupees per person
We all feel honored and humbled to have this opportunity to offer this journey to you and we can assure you that it will be a deeply transformative journey into joy, love, truth, for those who are called.

Namaste and welcome,
Janaka, Satartha, Satyapriya, and Jaya


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