Fire & Heart Immersion – The Embodiment of Divine Love

6-Day Retreat

April 18-23
In-person with lodging: $850
Full remote: $480
Talks only: $250

(Payment plans are available for the 6-day remote. Contact Natalie at

The fire of divine love is an intense grace that will burn away all that is not that love, all that keeps us separate. When we allow this grace to enter it enables us to become channels and instruments for the manifestation of this love in the world. Through the grace of a Realized Being, who is already a channel for this divine love, we become ignited, alight in the fire of love. It opens us – step by step – to the mysteries and means of true love as it brings us closer to its source.

“My fire lights your fire. I light the fire of everybody that’s with me. So when you’re with me, you’re on fire. That’s how it is. I draw my fire from the Sat itself, but it also burns the Asat. They are both needed. For the fire to burn you have to have the capacity for the fire to ignite itself in you.”

~Sat Shree

The Fire and Heart Immersion is a container of transformation and incubation in the fire of divine love that burns brightly in proximity to Sat Shree, and those that carry his transmission. It is an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the intensity of this love, in this cauldron. It is a chance to renew and rebuild ourselves from the inside out, as a clarifying possibility where what is true and pure in us is revealed. It is an opportunity to remember that we are here to be manifesting channels of this love for the world, and that this is the time to reclaim this truth.

The Fire and Heart Immersion is held in the energetic container of the Third Pillar Program. It takes place in the middle of the program and is facilitated by its participants, and carried by its energy, intention and momentum.

Sat Shree is the spark and holder of this Immersion and will give his direction and sanction to all of its aspects, practical and energetic. He will meet physically with participants at the opening and closing, and at two of the morning meditations. As Sat Shree steps back physically, it becomes our role to step forward, holding and sharing the love and transmission he has ignited in us. 

We invite you to join in the possibility for real and lasting change that happens when we gather with the same intention: to allow ourselves to be reshaped by the fire of divine love and become manifesting instruments of the Divine in the world.

When love becomes a fire, combustion happens. It becomes a passion to burn. It burns all. Then true love is birthed. All that separates us from our love burns, dissolves, becomes undone in this fire. What lights this fire is the Grace.

The Sat Guru’s Grace ignites the debris of many loveless lives. When this happens, a tipping point is crossed. We cross the threshold, we step into the void. It is the end of our separative existence. We become the fire. We throw ourselves into it. But we must have prepared ourselves, we must be willing, and passionate collaborators. 

~Sat Shree, November 7, 2023, Third Pillar Session 3 Orientation

In-person Retreat:

  • 7 nights shared accommodation at the Satya Dharma Center for Truth Consciousness (limited spaces)
  • Orientation and completion, daily talks and three silent sittings per day in-person in the Satya Mandir
  • Opportunities to interact in-person with talks presenters and in the completion session
  • In-person group participation
  • Catered completion lunch
  • Retreat materials


Remote Retreat:

  • Orientation and completion sessions, daily talks and three silent sittings per day on Zoom
  • Opportunities to interact with talks presenters and in the completion session
  • Online small group participation
  • Retreat materials


Talks Only Online Retreat:

  • Orientation and completion sessions, daily talks broadcast to Crowdcast
  • Retreat materials
  • No silent sittings, small group or interaction opportunities


  • Prior participation in at least one retreat with Sat Shree (Sat Weekend, 6-Day, or 9-Day Retreat).
  • An introductory call, if you have not yet had one. (Learn about introductory calls)
  • Sat Shree may require an additional call with a mentor if he feels it is necessary for your participation.

Cancellation Policy:

Please contact New Dharma immediately if you need to cancel your retreat. Any deposits are not refundable.
31 days or more before the retreat: $300 cancellation fee

15 days or less before the retreat: no refund of event fee

To cancel, please send an email to

Transparency Policy:

Representatives of New Dharma may at any time photograph, record and/or videotape satsangs, intensives, retreats, individual or small group meetings or other activities. Individual and small group meetings are shared for training purposes only and are not made public.  However, New Dharma reserves the right to use any such photograph, recording or videotape in New Dharma publications, advertising, displays, and publicity materials or for teaching purposes without obtaining further consent from any program participant. Each program participant releases New Dharma and its representatives from any liability in connection with any such use of such photographs, recordings and/or videotapes.

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