Full Human, Full Divine Satsang (Amsterdam)

Fully Human, Fully Divine is a New Dharma Initiative for a new generation, on the path of bringing Spirit into Matter, who are here for the birthing and creating of a New Humanity.

Formerly called the “Youth Program” it has now expanded to be less about age and more about the process of consciously bringing our awakened awareness into our bodies and lived Human life, as we mature as both Human and Spiritual beings.

In this program we can make connections, share, get support, be inspired, and inspire to make this path less challenging and lonely, more effortless, enjoyable and understandable. Together we weave a web of co-workers across the globe that are here to support the transition we are in as a species and planet so that the original will of life can be sustained.

November 22, 2021

De Nieuwe Yogaschool

In-person: 7:00-9:00 pm CET | $10
Remote: 10:00 am-12:00 pm PT/1:00-3:00 pm ET | $10

This satsang will be held both as an in-person event with Sat Shree in collaboration with members of the Fully Human, Fully Divine program, and as a remote, online event. The in-person event will take place at De Nieuwe Yogaschool in Amsterdam.

Cancellation Policy:

Please contact New Dharma immediately if you need to cancel your retreat. Any deposits are not refundable.
31 days or more before the retreat: $150 cancellation fee

15 days or less before the retreat: no refund of event fee

To cancel, please send an email to newdharma.cancellation@gmail.com

Transparency Policy:

Representatives of New Dharma may at any time photograph, record and/or videotape satsangs, intensives, retreats, individual or small group meetings or other activities. Individual and small group meetings are shared for training purposes only and are not made public.  However, New Dharma reserves the right to use any such photograph, recording or videotape in New Dharma publications, advertising, displays, and publicity materials or for teaching purposes without obtaining further consent from any program participant. Each program participant releases New Dharma and its representatives from any liability in connection with any such use of such photographs, recordings and/or videotapes.

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