9-day Silent Retreat at Mundekulla Center

Mundekulla Center in Sweden

August 20-28, 2022

Program: $400 per person
Lodging: See Mundekulla Lodging tab below

Limited partial scholarships are available. Please email Natalie at newdharma.office@gmail.com to request.

This in-person retreat will be held in the Central European time zone (CET) at the Mundekulla Center in Långasjö, Sweden. Please review the center’s COVID-19 page for more information.

“Mundekulla is one of those places that touches the heart of people and makes one long to come back to. I know I share with many the feeling of breathing in concert with Mother Nature, when gently walking on the carpets of green moss covering the fairytale-like forests or taking a swim in the dark-watered heart-shaped pond.
It’s a place for growth and transformation, where human potential and sustainability is a thread that runs through all details and is aligned with the intent of the 9-day Retreat to gain insight in the nature and purpose of existence and recover our ability to transform ourselves and the world in a sustainable way.
I have participated in all of Sat Shree’s 9-day retreats at Mundekulla and am grateful that he again will be there in person this August.”
~ Satyadevi

The 9-day Retreat at Mundekulla in Sweden is an immersion into the truth of yourself, with fellow spiritual beings engaged with this same purpose. 

Surrounded by a piece of rural southern Sweden, the Mundekulla Retreat Center is a family farm that has been lovingly converted to a spiritual retreat center that somehow has not only preserved the character of a rural life but also seems to evoke a more ancient time when humanity and nature were more closely connected.

The whole place is infused with a living psychic energy that brings its own peace and wonder. It points to a path, a way to be, aligned with the purpose of our birth, to discover a life that is both fully human, yet fully divine. A Divine Human life is a possibility latent in all of us. 

This whole program is a transformational event that is likely to change the paradigm of your life forever.

This retreat will include:

  • 3 daily meditations 
  • Daily talks with Sat Shree
  • Written materials
  • Small groups
  • Completion
  • Replay access for all talks (Crowdcast video) 
  • Audio downloads of all talks 

Lodging Registration Link

Lodging costs include all meals. Please use the lodging link above to make your room reservation directly with Mundekulla. Some room choices are limited.

Lodging costs do not include the 9-day Retreat program cost.

Single room (with shower): 9950 SEK ($1,011)

Single room (shared shower): 8800 SEK ($895)

Single room (Viking Cottage, Frej, Freja): 8600 SEK ($874)

Bed in double room (with shower): 8400 SEK ($854)

Bed in double room (shared shower): 7600 SEK ($772)

Bed in triple room (with shower): 7200 SEK ($732)

Bed in triple room (shared shower): 6800 SEK ($691)

Bed in 4-bed room (with shower): 6400 SEK ($650)

Sleeping alcove (curtain, mattress, duvet, pillow): 6000 SEK ($610)

Lodging costs include all meals.

Food at Mundekulla:

To tread light on the environment, Mundekulla generally serves a vegan base that is protein-rich and has optional vegetarian sides. When they serve vegetarian dishes, they always provide vegan alternatives.

80 percent of the ingredients they use are organic and/or locally grown. The center has also started building an organic vegetable garden.

Diets & Allergies:

Mundekulla cannot accommodate for specific diets, such as keto or raw. However, they do serve alternatives for allergies and sensitivities, such as gluten, nuts and lactose. It is good to inform the center at least one week before your stay about special requirements.


All participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from the retreat. If you have any questions, please email Natalie Jones. newdharma.office@gmail.com

Train to Mundekulla
Trains arrive at Emmaboda from all over Sweden every two hours. www.sj.se. Then taxis are available for the final 10 kilometers. Three months before your travel date, cheaper tickets are available for purchase.

Taxi to Mundekulla
Taxi from the train station in Emmaboda, and back from Mundekulla, is booked via Taxi Emma (+46 (0) 471-101 00) no later than two days before arrival/departure.

Car to Mundekulla

From Stockholm/Vetlanda:  When you get to Emmaboda, take the exit towards Tingsryd, road 120, and drive about 5 km to the sign Mundekulla to the right. Follow the signs for about 4 km.

From Stockholm/Kalmar:  In Kalmar, take the exit towards Växjö, road 25. About 1.5 km after Nybro, turn towards Emmaboda, road 120. Continue straight towards Tingsryd. 5 km after Emmaboda there is a sign Mundekulla to the right, drive about 4 km.

From Göteborg/Växjö:  When you have passed Lessebo along road 25 – take the exit towards Åkerby/Ljud. Continue on this road about 1.5 km to the sign Mundekulla to the left – follow the signs, about 5 km.

From Malmö/Karlshamn: In Tingsryd, take the exit towards Emmaboda, road 120. Drive about 3.5 km to the sign Mundekulla on the left. Follow the signs. If you miss the first sign for Mundekulla, another one will come after 2 km.

From Karlskrona: When you come to Vissefjärda, turn left towards Långasjö and drive through the community. Continue another km until you reach a five-way intersection. Then turn right towards Emmaboda on road 120. Drive 3 km to the sign Mundekulla on the left. (It is also possible to drive to Emmaboda and then drive 5 km on road 120 towards Tingsryd and then follow the sign to the right, 4 km towards Mundekulla.)

Carpooling to Mundekulla

You are welcome to join our carpooling group on Facebook where you can request or offer a ride to a specific event at Mundekulla.

Due to data protection regulation, we do not have the opportunity to provide any address information to those who have registered for events

Bus to Mundekulla

Buses arrive in Växjö, Kalmar and/or Karlskrona daily from Sweden’s larger towns. Then it is possible to take the train to Emmaboda and then Taxi Emma SEK 280 or 380/car (+46 (0) 471-10100) as above.
– Swebus 0200-218 218  www.swebus.se
– Silverline 0485-26111  www.silverlinjen.se
– Svenska Buss 0771-676767  www.svenskabuss.se
– Nettbuss 0771-15151  www.nettbuss.se

Air Travel

Flights arrive in Växjö, Kalmar and Ronneby daily. Book your trip and compare prices on www.flygresor.se. Then there is a train to Emmaboda (30 min), and from Emmaboda to Mundekulla book a taxi as above. It is also possible to take a taxi from the airports (60 km from respective airport). Cheapest from Kalmar via Taxi Emma +46 (0) 471-10100.

For international travelers, it is possible to fly to Copenhagen, where there are direct trains from Kastrup to Emmaboda (3 hours). Then taxi as above.

This event will be held in the European time zone (CET) but will be available to participants in other time zones.


Cancellation Policy:

Please contact New Dharma immediately if you need to cancel your retreat. Any deposits are not refundable.
31 days or more before the retreat: $150 cancellation fee

15 days or less before the retreat: no refund of event fee

To cancel, please send an email to newdharma.cancellation@gmail.com

Transparency Policy:

Representatives of New Dharma may at any time photograph, record and/or videotape satsangs, intensives, retreats, individual or small group meetings or other activities. Individual and small group meetings are shared for training purposes only and are not made public.  However, New Dharma reserves the right to use any such photograph, recording or videotape in New Dharma publications, advertising, displays, and publicity materials or for teaching purposes without obtaining further consent from any program participant. Each program participant releases New Dharma and its representatives from any liability in connection with any such use of such photographs, recordings and/or videotapes.

New Dharma terms and conditions


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