9-Day Silent Retreat

6-Day Retreat

“The inner process of this retreat is often intense, yet it can put us in touch with an unspeakable divine love, a deep calm, and an unfathomable peace. This whole program is a transformational event that is likely to change the paradigm of your life forever.”

With love, in truth Sat Shree

July 16-24

Full in-person: $1,250
($1,150 for monthly giving program members)
Full online remote: $550
($500 for monthly giving program members)
Talks-only remote: $350

The 9-Day Silent Retreat is designed to bring us into contact with the Sat, the primal reality that is the source of what we are. Through this period of silence and stillness and the practice of silent sitting we become more available to access this Truth in ourselves. This Sat force that comes through Sat Shree and the holders of this program creates an atmosphere charged with both a powerful presence and force that will reveal what separates us from this eternal reality, the truth of our eternal nature.

“It’s a discovery of the foundational reality that lives you and all living beings, what it is you are in Truth, not a seeking or a getting. It’s rather an unfolding of what you are as an expression of that foundational reality. The nine-day retreat will carry you on a current towards that finding.”

~ Sat Shree

Full in-person: $1,250 ($1,150 for monthly giving program members)

  • In-person participation in all daily talks and meditations at the Satya Mandir with opportunities for interaction in the talks
  • Retreat materials
  • Two in-person small groups
  • Catered completion lunch
  • 10 nights lodging at the Satya Dharma Center in Washoe Valley with the opportunity to extend for a longer stay

Full online remote: $550 ($500 for monthly giving program members)

  • Online access to all daily talks and meditations, opportunities for interaction in the talks
  • Retreat materials
  • Two online small groups

Talks-only remote: $350

  • Online access to all talks
  • Retreat materials
  • Opportunities for online interaction, small groups and meditations are not included
  • Prior participation in at least one retreat with Sat Shree (Sat Weekend, 6-Day, or 9-Day Retreat).
  • An introductory call, if you have not yet had one. (Learn about introductory calls)
  • Sat Shree may require an additional call with a mentor if he feels it is necessary for your participation.

Cancellation Policy:

Please contact New Dharma immediately if you need to cancel your retreat. Any deposits are not refundable.
31 days or more before the retreat: $300 cancellation fee

15 days or less before the retreat: no refund of event fee

To cancel, please send an email to newdharma.office@gmail.com

Transparency Policy:

Representatives of New Dharma may at any time photograph, record and/or videotape satsangs, intensives, retreats, individual or small group meetings or other activities. Individual and small group meetings are shared for training purposes only and are not made public.  However, New Dharma reserves the right to use any such photograph, recording or videotape in New Dharma publications, advertising, displays, and publicity materials or for teaching purposes without obtaining further consent from any program participant. Each program participant releases New Dharma and its representatives from any liability in connection with any such use of such photographs, recordings and/or videotapes.

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