Individual Retreat: Questions

How do I book my Individual Retreat?
1. Fill out the Retreat application with your choice of dates.
2. You will be contacted once your application has been reviewed for further instructions and payment.

How do I pay for my Individual Retreat?
The link for your payment will be sent to you when your application has been approved.

When does my Retreat start?
Weekend Retreats start on Friday, weekly Retreats start on Sunday, and monthly Retreats start on the first of the month.

Sat Shree told me what dates I could have and where I could stay. How do I get those?
Because of the high interest in the Individual Retreat program, there is no guarantee you will get the dates and room you were promised. We will try our best to accommodate your request after we receive your application.

May I bring my own furniture or replace out the current furniture in my room?
Your Individual Retreat room is fully furnished so there is no need to bring your own furniture. You may bring a meditation chair or cushion for comfort, but this is a temporary space for your time with New Dharma.

Are there any other conditions? 
Please read the Terms & Conditions before registering.

Who do I contact for more information?