Individual Retreat: Getting There

The New Dharma Center is located approximately 18 miles south of Reno, Nevada. New Dharma does not provide transportation to and from the airport, or to community/retreat activities in the Washoe Valley so we strongly encourage you to rent a car for your stay.

It is sometimes possible to make arrangements for transportation with other retreatants or members of the community. If you are arriving by air, please inquire about this if you prefer not to rent a car.

The two locations of activities for the retreats at the New Dharma houses, Maranatha and McClellan are about a 15-minute drive from each other. There is no grocery shopping within walking distance from any Washoe Valley location. So, all participants need transportation during their retreat.

Air Transportation

The Reno-Tahoe International airport is approximately 30 minutes away for those flying in. If you are looking to arrange a ride rather than renting a car, give us a call before booking your flight and we can see if there are already any scheduled trips to and from Reno that you could rideshare with.

Driving to the New Dharma Center

If you choose to drive, please pay attention to the weather reports as we do experience snow, especially in the higher elevations during winter.

Other Transportation

Unfortunately there is no public transportation from the airport to Washoe Valley so if you do not rent a car for your stay then you will need to secure a taxi. Sometimes people are able to get a ride through Uber or Lyft to Washoe Valley.