Individual Retreat

What is an Individual Retreat?

Individual Retreats may be booked at the Washoe Valley Center for the following time periods:

  • weekend
  • one, two or three weeks
  • one, two or three months

Individual Retreats are an opportunity to spend time in silence and stillness and to participate in an enhanced experience of New Dharma community activities. Generally, these retreats are held in quietude. You may request a silent retreat, and will be placed in a house being held in silence, or you may choose to request a retreat with an emphasis on a Gita Study course; the choice is up to you.

Individual Retreat Format

The format of your Individual Retreat is up to you. You may choose to be in silent for the duration of the retreat or you may choose to participate with the daily programs of the community. You may decide to use your stay to focus on studying the Bhagavad Gita which may include joining the weekly Gita Study Circle. An option is to follow the format of a 6- or 9-day program in silence and using the audio and written materials to guide your retreat.

There are a number of lodging options which will be dependent upon your area of study. Each house will have single and shared rooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, living room and meditation area. You will have an initial discussion with your assigned Program Facilitator to plan your retreat and daily schedule. The only required activity is the morning Silent Sitting in each house. All other activities are optional for personal retreatants.

Combining an Individual Retreat with another retreat

Because of their travel time and commitment, international participants are given accommodation priority. If you wish to combine your Individual Retreat with another retreat please contact