Visiting the Washoe Valley Center

NOTE: If we are not able to accommodate you in one of the Washoe Center homes, learn more about other housing options close to the New Dharma Center.

The New Dharma Center is located in Northern Nevada and is the primary residence of Sat Shree and Satyamayi and many of his devotees. New Dharma Center Retreats may be booked as a Short Term Retreat (1 to 10 nights) or longer Individual Retreat for the following time periods:

  • weekend
  • one, two or three weeks
  • one, two or three months

Generally, these retreats are held in quietude. You may request a silent retreat, and will be placed in a house being held in silence, or you may choose to request a retreat with an emphasis on a Gita Study course; the choice is up to you.


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