Hosting Study Groups

Part I – Holding the Space

This section goes into detail on how to “Hold the Space” when conducting a study group. Holding space is how you create the vessel that can receive both the wisdom and transmission that comes from Sat Shree and his teachings.

Holding space means to be in a state of Presence in which people can discover and expand their inner capacity to grow spiritually. Before you start speaking it is helpful to sit quietly, connecting with your inner being, simply breathing and feeling what is going on in your body. This in itself will create the space to allow whatever needs to arise, to arise.   

Creating the Vessel

Sat Shree has written the following to help support the facilitators in creating and holding the vessel of the gathering. It may be useful to share this at the start of a new class, as well as when new people join.

“Both the Gita and the Mother Book are handbooks and spiritual scriptures.  As such each carries their own unique wisdom which we can learn to bring into our lives. Both also have a tangible and distinct impact on our consciousness and our lives that work in unseen ways. This process can totally alter our relationship with our self and the way we connect with the Divine. It can be a time of great reflection, change, and vulnerability. Thus, we deeply honor our self and everyone’s unique process in the group.  Everyone has their own journey, their own unique way to the Divine. The following guidelines will help us all get the greatest benefit from our study together.


  • We bring as much Presence as possible to each moment in the group.  We come with a willingness to see with new eyes and hear with new ears.
  • We listen deeply as others are sharing, tuning in to the deepest meaning.
  • We allow each person to travel their own unique journey and thus accept our differences, and let go of our personal positions that might create separation with another.
  • We take responsibility for our reactions, our responses, and our experiences.
  • We respect each person’s sharing by refraining from giving advice, knowing that each person is in their own process and their unique journey to the Divine.
  • We speak from our own experience, our lived and felt experience that is immediate and real, and less from our mental concepts and opinions.  In the West we have over-thought things and have been way ahead of our hearts’ knowing and our bodies’ wisdom. Thus we speak from our own experience, our Truth.”