Global Groups

Bringing the teachings of Sat Shree to your own community

Sat Shree encourages New Dharma participants, worldwide and locally, to begin their own Bhagavad Gita, Mother Book and silent sitting groups. Hosting a New Dharma Global Group is a way to support your own personal growth and to receive and give support to each other.

Sat Shree’s teachings and audio transcriptions, audio recordings and video teachings for the Gita and Mother Book are made available for use by these groups at no cost. 

Host a New Dharma Global Group

Sat Shree has found that when people connected to him conduct a Gita or Mother Book global group a remarkable spiritual acceleration occurs not only that person but in the group they are facilitating. Although any one can apply to be a Global Group Facilitator, Sat Shree is the one who gives the final sanction to do so. His only requirement is your connection to him and a sincere commitment to serve in this way. Ultimately your role as a facilitator is to become a channel or instrument for his Force and teachings. You soon discover that the more you can get out of the way and let the Force do the work, the more truly you will be serving Sat Shree and the mission of New Dharma.

Please keep in mind that although the guidelines that follow cover many of the nuances of facilitating a group, in essence the role is quite simple. You show up, put the chairs in a circle, sit quietly in Presence with the group, and use Sat Shree’s revelations and the Gita as the lens to inquire into your own experience in life and on the spiritual path.

If you are interested in hosting a group, please send an email to letting us know what type of group you’d like to host and someone will contact you.

Global Study Circles

Gita Study Group

The Bhagavad Gita is the foundation of Sat Shree’s teachings. Sat Shree strongly recommends that those interested in studying the Gita form a group that meets on a regular basis to study, inquire and discuss and put into practice the teachings of the Gita as something you can experience directly through your own life.

Groups will have access to the materials on the online Gita Study Course including videos and audio recordings and a study guide of Chapters 1-18. In addition, you will be assigned a facilitator who will support you and your group as you go through each chapter. For example, you may watch a video of Sat Shree’s commentary on a specific chapter, followed by a discussion and inquiry on how these teachings have impacted your life.  

The Mother Book Study Group

The “Mother” is a book about surrendering to the Divine Mother. It is a handbook; a body of information that is tangible and distinct that can be applied to one’s own life. The “Mother” book was written by Sri Aurobindo. He wrote the Mother to help people in their community align their consciousness with a new force of consciousness which he called the “Mother” force or the Supramental.

Groups will have access to all the Mother Book video and audio materials that are available on the website. In addition, you will be assigned a facilitator who will support you and your group. For example, during your meeting time, you may choose to read a chapter of The Mother book, listen to a segment of Sat Shree’s revelation on a particular chapter, discuss the material and share how these teachings practically apply to your lives.

Global Meditation Circles

Silent Sitting and Inquiry Group

These groups are a way for individuals to gather together locally to listen to Sat Shree recordings; watch his videos and/or to simply sit in silence and stillness.

Groups may choose to simply sit in silent for an hour each week. Some may listen or watch a video or audio recording of a Sat Shree talk. For example, one week you may choose to sit in silence and stillness for one hour, or, you may review a portion of a talk from the website and then have a discussion/inquiry on what has been revealed ending with a silent sitting.

Hosting Criteria

If you are interested in hosting a group, please send an email to letting us know what type of group you’d like to host and someone will contact you.

  • Prior participation with Sat Shree in a program
  • Feel aligned with Sat Shree and his teachings
  • Affinity with the Bhagavad Gita and/or the Mother Book
  • Willingness to follow instructions on how to host a global group
  • Capacity to hold Presence; to be in responsibility
  • The ability to bring your spiritual capacity into your material (lived) life

Global Study Groups Interactive Map

This interactive map displays locations and listing information for all New Dharma Global Groups. Click on the + and – buttons at the bottom of the map to zoom in to see multiple groups in the same location. Click on each location pin to see details and contact information for each group.