Visiting the Washoe Valley Center

NOTE: If we are not able to accommodate you in one of the Washoe Center homes, learn more about other housing options close to the New Dharma Center.

The New Dharma Center is located in Northern Nevada and is the primary residence of Sat Shree and Satyamayi and many of his devotees. New Dharma Center Retreats may be booked as a Short Term Retreat (1 to 10 nights) or longer Individual Retreat for the following time periods:

  • weekend
  • one, two or three weeks
  • one, two or three months

Generally, these retreats are held in quietude. You may request a silent retreat, and will be placed in a house being held in silence, or you may choose to request a retreat with an emphasis on a Gita Study course; the choice is up to you.

2020 Visitors

If you are planning on coming to the Center in 2020, please fill out the new application below: 

Are you interested in the Global Training Program?

Learn more about the program to be held at the Center, April 25-June 19, 2020.

Short Term Retreat

A Coaching Skype call is required for participation in a Short Term Retreat. Learn more…

If you are attending a New Dharma program, we invite you to come as a visitor to the New Dharma Center before or after your program. The Short Term Retreat is from 1 to 10 days only.

Please have your dates approved early. Accommodations are limited and rooms will fill up fast.

Individual Retreat

A Coaching Skype call is required for participation in a Individual Retreat. Learn more…

Individual Retreats are an opportunity to spend time in silence and stillness and to participate in the daily activities at the New Dharma Center. Generally, these retreats are held in quietude.

You may choose to focus on silence, or you may decide to undertake a deeper study of the Bhagavad Gita or the Mother Book. Other choices might be to follow the structure of a 6-or 9-day retreat, using the audio and written materials to guide your retreat.


  1. Review the Individual Retreat pages by clicking the button below.
  2. Fill out the application with your choice of dates.
  3. You will be contacted once your application has been reviewed for further instructions and payment.

Returning Participants

Are you are returning participant? Apply for your short term or individual retreat below:


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