Coaching: United States


This is the nature of the work as I experience it: to hold both, to grow enough bandwidth to receive the full spectrum of the Human/Divine Being in ourselves and others.

Tom Bonoma

I had my initial Skype call with Sat Shree in late 2015, soon after he came strongly to mind during a period of great dejection. Even then, I wasn’t sure. I didn’t experience the force or anything that let me know I had just met the greatest blessing of life.


Ever so slowly I feel that force developing in myself. I am here to serve that force and consciousness through my connection with Sat Shree.

Sheila Ramsey

Sheila is currently traveling and is unavailable for Coaching calls.


Sat Shree has been absolutely instrumental in assisting the shaping of a new and truer reality, more purposeful, embodied and integral, rooted in Truth and Love.

Donations for your first coaching call are always appreciated.