New Dharma Coaching

Ruairi O’Byrne

For as long as I can remember I have always known there was more to life. As a child, I used to astral travel and have experiences of being “called home”.  I didn’t talk about these experiences to anyone until later in life, as they didn’t seem any less weird than my real life. I went to a Christian Brothers school where they abused children in many ways.  I rebelled against this  as rebellion is in my nature. I have never just blindly followed. As a teenager I often experienced a strange knowingness and physic happenings.  I always had a sense of me being in direct relationship with a higher power, who was orchestrating life. Some of these experiences were whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs, but what I now realise is that there was a constant awareness of my connection to my higher self and through this I received true guidance.

In 1998 this true self knowing pushed forward forcefully after reading the book “Conversations with God”, and I was living free of responsibility to anything, including a home, a job, family and friends. This was an interesting couple of years. During this time I managed to hold it together mentally, and never felt the need to ask anyone other than my own authority for help of any sort. My positive personality and ability not to take life too seriously worked quite well, or so it seemed. I still lived with stress and anxiety, plus a sense of separation. In 2001 I met my wife, had two children, and started my own business as a mural artist.

In 2014 I found myself questioning once again the truth of who I am. Soon after that Sat Shree entered my life. He recognized what I was straight away, and for the last three years I have been following his teachings and attending New Dharma retreats all over the world. This direct connection with the force that he is has been a blessing of unimaginable proportions. It has been pivotal in me knowing the truth of what I am and also who I am not, Sat Shree has helped me to fully blossom. The scent of the divine is now present in my life continuously, even on a cold wet grey Irish winter’s morning. My relationship with my new reality keeps me growing in the light and forever warm. Life is Good, now I know how to live it.