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Sat Shree on Skype Call Coaching

One of the greatest joys of this work was having a Skype call with those of you who have been pulled to me and my work. The Skype calls have been both an entry point to participate in my programs, and an opportunity to establish a spiritual connection with this powerful and sacred force that comes through me. This connection is key. If this happens, then the current of Satchitananda begins to flow to you. It is this force that creates the miracle of transformation.

However, it is no longer possible for me personally to continue doing these Skype calls so I have trained a number of my senior students to take on this work. You will find them listed below. Each person on this team is capable of channeling this current and brings with them a depth of spiritual wisdom and experience that will allow the benefit of this aspect of my work to continue.

Each New Dharma coach is a capable and developed spiritual being in their own right; each can guide and support you with their own unique gifts. They know the nature of the journey and have experienced what it is like to live and work in the cauldron of spiritual transformation that occurs around me. Through them it will be possible to meet the demand of the many sincere and committed spiritual beings that are now coming.

I invite you to take advantage of this resource. If you would like to interact one-on-one with someone who has a strong foundation in my work, then this is the opportunity to book a coaching call with them directly. Choose one of the coaches listed here and select a meeting day and time.

Donations are greatly appreciated.

Love in Truth

Schedule a coaching call

New Dharma coaching calls are required for any new participants.

Length: First call is 25 minutes long. Additional calls up to 50 minutes.

Cost: Your first coaching call is at no charge. Additional sessions are $50 up to 50 minutes; donations for your first coaching call are always appreciated.

All calls are done through Skype in English

  1. Choose one of the New Dharma coaches listed below.
  2. Click on the button provided for each coach. Complete and submit the New Dharma Coaching Request form.
  3. After you submit the form, click the schedule link to select the date and time of your call.
  4. You will receive an email confirmation of your scheduled coaching call.

Need a follow-up coaching call?

Length: Up to 50 minutes. Only available with some coaches.

Cost: Sessions are $50 up to 50 minutes.

All calls are done through Skype in English

  1. Choose one of the New Dharma coaches listed below.
  2. Click on the button provided for each coach. Complete and submit the Follow Up Coaching Call Request form.
  3. After you submit the form, click the schedule link to select the date and time of your call.
  4. You will receive an email confirmation of your scheduled coaching call.

Donations for your first coaching call are always appreciated.

Adya - New Dharma


Meeting Sat Shree in 2010 was a life changing event. I wasn’t looking for a teacher having had a few of them in the past, but I knew I had found my teacher when I met Sat Shree.  I moved to the New Dharma Community in 2013 and have been intimately involved with its growth and development since then. The success of any endeavor, such as creating a residential community, depends on integrity of leadership and that is our aspiration in this creation.

I have been involved with other spiritual groups including the Pathwork in Madison, Virginia and the Diamond Heart Work in California, both for many years. I am the mother of three adult children. I have training in a number of somatic therapies. My orientation is to work with the body, to converse with the body such that we can hear what it has to say in both the realms of the dark and the light.

My own path has taken me deeply into the darkness.  I have learned and keep learning about the power of transformation and transmutation when we acknowledge what we carry forward from our lineage and the errors caused by conditioning. I see in my own process and others’ as well that the light pulls the dark along behind it, as night follows day.

This is the nature of the work as I experience it: to hold both, to grow enough bandwidth to receive the full spectrum of the Human/Divine Being in ourselves and others.

Aanya - New Dharma

Larry Kiser

Since I was a boy Ive had a yearning for something of the truth that first found its expression in religion. I went to college thinking I would become a minister but it did not seem to be even close to the truth. So, I turned to practicing law. I lived for nine years in a yoga community and did remote healing work. Somehow, the inner yearning for something more survived the periods of my worldly life, marriage and children, my own suffering as well as various therapies and daily life. After 25 years of long distance running I was injured and turned to meditation to lessen the stresses of life. This probably was the beginning of my own turning inward.

My progression towards looking internally was steady but externally haphazard. It included going to various churches, exploring shamanic work, studying with Russian ESP pioneers and Kung Fu masters, doing remote healing, being a medical intuitive and an Akashic record reader. I developed a private remote healing practice and taught in various countries in Europe, Mexico, Canada, and the U.S for about 20 years.

When I met Sat Shree I was not looking for a Guru or teacher but I was immediately drawn to him. I was comfortable and had more or less given up seeking.  Some part of me recognized the truth that he carried and Ive been connecting ever more and more deeply with the force that resides within him. Ever so slowly I feel that force developing in myself. I am here to serve that force and consciousness through my connection with Sat Shree.

Aanya - New Dharma

Sheila Ramsey

A 1982 awakening to the heartache of “is this REALLY all there is?” prompted a 35-year dive into a search for answers from diverse perspectives including Hinduism, Zen-based Buddhism, non-dual awareness, esoteric Christianity and the treasures of the Enneagram. I became committed to discoveries arising from self-inquiry with the resultant shifts into love, inspiration and creativity that always accompanied insight and revelation. I found ways to incorporate the essence of the perennial wisdom into my work as a global leadership consultant; it was thrilling. Yet, in the past decade, a pull to be of greater service and a longing for truly becoming what I already am became an incessant burn.

I met Sat Shree in August of 2015 and soon found myself closing down a 30-year consulting business, preparing to move into residence with New Dharma, which I did in the Fall of 2016. I have stepped into a world of silence and stillness immersed fully in what, for me, is the most important work in the world. Paraphrasing Sat Shree’s words, I had no inkling what the possibility of being fully human could mean until I began to taste the uniqueness of my own Divinity.

Aanya - New Dharma


I have been a spiritual seeker all of my life. I followed various spiritual paths for a number of years, including Native American ceremonies, and various alternative studies involving healing father, mother, men and women wounds. In 2008 I was invited by mutual friend to a meditation Satsang and later I meet the leader of that group in person at a Starbucks coffee shop and it literally changed my life. At the time I wasn’t consciously seeking a Guru or a teacher but indeed that’s what I found in Sat Shree.

Aanya - New Dharma

Tom Bonoma

I had my initial Skype call with Sat Shree in late 2015, soon after He came strongly to mind during a period of great dejection. Even then, I wasn’t sure. I didn’t experience the Force or anything that let me know I had just met the greatest blessing of life.

By the end of my first individual meeting with Him, my soul wanted to bow at his feet. I had never experienced being so seen, so understood, so gotten, to the core of my being. The trauma, the PTSD, the despair—He met me there. Over the coming months He came down again and again into the depths of Hell where I found myself, and delivered me into Life. He helped me halt the downward spiral of self-hatred I was unknowingly addicted to, and revealed to me as much of my own Divinity as I could absorb at any one time. Just reflecting upon it moves me to tears.

Having believed myself to be furthest from God, I now feel palpably the refuge of the Divinity that lives each of us. That radiance was there prior to meeting Sat Shree, but was always prone to being subsumed by darkness and self-doubt. Now it is the anchor, the rock, the refuge that enables me to meet all in me that remains unexperienced and unmet. It gives me the strength to go to the places that scare me most. It ennobles and sustains me. It is me, and I am It: this radiant peace, this growing love, this vast ocean of gratitude. All revealed by an unspeakable Grace.

Aanya - New Dharma

Amit Datta Roy

I had my first spiritual experience when I was 26, where I saw my identity was being stripped away from. It was a terrifying experience. I started crying profusely and asked for help. That night Durga (goddess in Hindu tradition) came in my dreams and told me to come and see her. So I started going to her temple everyday. For the next three and a half months every worry that I had disappeared and I started interacting with every god and goddess I knew of in my dreams. Later that year I migrated to Canada where I was working as a cook, happy and content with life. Then suddenly I started staying unhappy without any apparent reason. One day reading a book on Osho i came across the word “enlightenment” and had a eureka moment where I knew why I took birth and that it was the purpose of life. The next eight years were just full of suffering.

One morning I was sitting on the couch watching TV when suddenly without any reason I opened my laptop and went on Buddha at the Gas Pump. The first interview in line was of Sat Shree. After watching the video something in me just knew I had to go and see him. It was not a voice or a feeling or a physical sensation and the person (Amit) had absolutely no idea why I was going. Since then I have been coming to New Dharma for four to five months every year and it has been a very profound experience. The deeper I go the more I realize that ‘I dont know’.

Aanya - New Dharma


After a lifetime of spiritual searching, including the study and practice of psychology, astrology, metaphysics, Ayurveda and Transcendental Meditation (TM), I meet Sat Shree in July of 2012. I wasn’t looking for a teacher but recognized him the moment I sat down to talk with him. One year later I moved to Washoe Valley to study with him. Within a month I knew my purpose was to be of service to the Divine and to know myself as God and Truth as much as possible in this lifetime.

During my four years of living in the residential program I have deepened my capacity to be in relationship with (accept/enter into) enormous physical and emotional pain, chaos and impermanence. This capacity allows me to be in Presence/equanimity with all things as they arise without clinging or resistance. For me this is God, the Divine actualized through my form in this time and space.

I am by nature a calm, kind and compassionate person with an unrelenting imperative to get to the essence/truth of all things. I have cleared and simplified myself life to support my intention to be of service to the Divine, Sat Shree and his work.

Aanya - New Dharma

Mirion Schultz

I wasn’t aware of any spiritual inclination for decades, until one day, in January of 2009, I was blessed with a spontaneous spiritual awakening. The experience was so out of the ordinary that the seeking towards That became inevitable. At that time, I was a successful research scientist and long distance runner, completely involved and entangled in the world. So, even though the seeking towards That was genuine, it was heavily coated by ego structures, as I thought spirituality could co-exist and enhance my worldly lifestyle. Little, or nothing, did I know. After the first awakening, followed by six months of spiritual honeymoon, the Universe started introducing itself ruthlessly. I fell very ill and became quite dysfunctional for several years. That force me to live a minimalistic and reclusive life, which allowed for silence and stillness to come to the forefront. Yet, I didn’t really know or understood what was happening. Many experiences followed that period, including the death of the ego-self, which just made the whole thing altogether very odd and more challenging.

That was until I met Sat Shree in 2015, and He so accurately contextualized what was happening. More than that, when I heard the first word coming from Him, I just knew. There was instantly a connection and the sense of a track being found. I found myself moving to the New Dharma community shortly thereafter. Sat Shree has been absolutely instrumental in assisting the shaping of a new and truer reality, more purposeful, embodied and integral, rooted in Truth and Love.

And here I am, gratefully and humbly serving His work, eternally in awe for how every situation and challenge in life is in service of the immense possibility and potentiality of a life fully human and fully divine.