Retreats with Sat Shree

Sat Shree and Satyamayi

NOTE: A Coaching Skype call is required for these events. Learn more…

Silent Retreats with Sat Shree take place in various locations around the world. Retreats last for six to nine days and require staying at the retreat site. The schedule of daily activities includes several periods of silent sittings and an evening interaction. Retreats are designed to create a feeling of silent yoga or unity. Every aspect the program is organized not only to manifest the SAT but also to give you time to explore how you can integrate what you discover into your life. This is the intention and the purpose of this retreat.

Participants understand that all events with Sat Shree will be recorded for use by New Dharma, Inc. Anyone participating in New Dharma activities may end up being photographed by New Dharma. If any participant wishes not to be photographed or not to be featured in a photo displayed on this website, please notify New Dharma in writing.