SAT Weekend

January 18-20, 2019
New Dharma Center

The SAT Weekend in Washoe Valley is part of the Winter Program. It will be led by Vasudeva and will link up with the SAT Weekend in India conducted by Sat Shree.

What is a SAT Weekend retreat about? It is a quest for the Truth of “what” we are. We are in essence the SAT, the “truth” of our being. It is the eternal reality that lives us. The SAT is both individual and universal. It is impersonal, and at the same time, the source of our personality and all of our experience.

The practice of sitting in silence and stillness provides the opening through which we can experience ourselves as Divine. Sitting together in silence and stillness amplifies the intention and creates a container for us.

Please join us for a deep and intimate exploration. We will open Friday night with an introduction to the weekend and the setting of intention. The schedule of sittings will be presented at that time.

Program lodging: $20 per day

SAT Weekend: $39

For more detailed information and questions contact Satyapriya: