2020 India Retreat - Global Training Program

“So what you can do, what we can do together, is to make the path more clear, to empower those who are already trying to come more fully and more truly into existence to be more effective in that purpose. That’s why all of you are here with me. There is no mightier purpose.”
~ Sat Shree, January 2019 GTP Orientation, India


The Global Training Program (GTP) began in India in 2019. It is not a formal teacher-certification program. Rather, it is a program designed to provide you with an opportunity to commit to and immerse yourself in an acceleration of your own spiritual development while at the same time increasing your capacity to be useful as a vehicle for divine love and truth in the world. This program shows how to manifest a higher purpose in practical ways, to support other spiritual seekers, and to assist New Dharma in manifesting its mission. It helps you develop your ability to be a channel or instrument of the unique force and consciousness that comes through Sat Shree.

Program Structure

PHASE ONE: Fundamentals

INDIA 2020

  • Session 1: December 29, 2019 – January 24, 2020
  • Session 2:  January 29 – February 26, 2020

Focus:  on understanding and embodying fundamentals of New Dharma teachings; learning and practicing:  mentoring, leading small groups, inquiry groups and specialty practices. In person and remote options are available.

NOTE:  Completion of the India portion of Phase One is a prerequisite for acceptance into the Washoe Valley portion of the Global Training Program.


  • April 25 – June 19, 2020*

Focus: Understanding and embodying fundamentals of New Dharma teachings; learning about and practicing leading inquiry groups, leading Gita and MotherBook sessions. Selected participants will also learn and practice and mentoring. This is an in-person session only with no remote participation. 

Prerequisite:  Completion of the India portion of Phase One 

*Participants may consider attending the 9-day Silent Retreat at Camp Galilee, April 9-17, 2020 prior to arriving for the Washoe Valley portion of the program.  

To be offered monthly beginning in January 2020

  • All modules must be completed before acceptance into Phase 2 

Modules will include:

  • Leading World Peace Meditations and/or silent sittings
  • Leading a Gita and/or Mother book study group

PHASE TWO: For The World

(June-December 29, 2020)

Global Integration:  Minimum of a two-month Integration after completion of the above, when you return home.  

Focus: This can include assistance in creating a structure and communication processes for what is happening in your outreach as well mentoring, feedback, evaluation and other forms of guidance for your local or remote implementation activities. Specific timing is tailored to the time each participant completes Phase One and returns home. Each participant can receive such assistance for up to two months.

PHASE THREE: Keeping the Fire Burning 

(2021 to be determined)


Focus: This can include tailored forms of follow up, guidance, mentoring, quality control and support, for a maximum of six months, led by geographic teams sanctioned by Sat Shree.

ADVANCED PRACTICE (By Invitation only)

Focus: Leading Intensives, SAT Weekends. Understanding and applying the nuances of the spiritual and psychological perspectives in one’s own leadership. 


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