4-day Silent Retreat

February 7-10, 2019
Washoe Valley Center

The 4-day retreat in Washoe Valley will be led by Satyapriya and will link up with the 4-day retreat in India conducted by Sat Shree. This retreat is part of the Winter Program at the Washoe Valley Center.

The focus in this retreat will be on strengthening the self-existent reality that lives us and meeting what arises which is in the way of the brilliance of our eternal, unchanging nature. Coming together with a shared intention, in a place saturated with Sat Shree’s energy and the SAT Force, creates a powerful and sacred container where the SAT Force can manifest through each one of us, showing us what binds and what liberates us.

We will open Thursday night with an introduction to the retreat and the setting of intention and alignment. The schedule will be presented at that time.

Program lodging: $20 per day

4-day Retreat: $49

For more detailed information and questions contact Satyapriya: